Groups and workshops


Short-term groups

  • Stress Management Group
    The LSE Student Counselling Service is running a 3-week group which looks at developing new coping strategies to manage anxiety, stress and panic attacks. This group is relevant if you are feeling stressed and finding it difficult to concentrate, particularly if you are feeling anxious about exams and essays.
    The group meets on Thursdays 11.00am to 1.00pm


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Places on groups must be booked in advance- please contact the office to book a place. These small groups will have no more than twelve people in them. Participants need to be able to attend each session of the group and stay for the whole session.

Long-term therapy groups

  • Long-Term Therapy Group
    This is a new and long-term psychotherapy group open to all students. It is particularly helpful for people with difficulties making or maintaining relationships; family problems past or present; and ongoing difficulties, for e.g. depression or anxiety. Group members will be able to explore, with each other, problems, feelings and concerns at an in-depth level in a safe and confidential setting. The group will be facilitated by Claire Barnes an experienced therapist.
    This psychotherapy group will meet Wednesdays 3 - 4.30pm

    For more information to find out about how long-term psychotherapy groups work please click here.

  • Ongoing PhD Group:
    This group offers a space in which students can look at a range of issues connected with the experience of doing doctoral research work. The group also provides an opportunity to gain understanding of the impact of different personal, familial, institutional and cultural stressors on themselves and their work. 
    The group meets on Thursdays 2.30pm  to 4.00pm.

 For information about longer term groups, please click here| .

If you are interested in taking up a place in any group, please visit us in KSW.507 or make contact via student counselling| or 020 7852 3627

New workshops   

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  • Autumn 2014 workshops will be posted towards in early September.


Past Workshops

  • Academic Job Applications Workshop: For PowerPoint click  here
    Applying for academic jobs can be a relentless business especially when there seem to be fewer and fewer jobs to go round. The process of making numerous job applications takes both practical and emotional energy. This interactive workshop explores how to  make an effective application for academic jobs and  develop the emotional resilience required to keep going. It is aimed at PhD students and will be delivered by  the Careers and Counselling Service .
    9 June 2011

  • Black & Minority Ethnic Student at LSE?
    This meeting provides a safe setting in which BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) students can explore and  look at a range of issues. It is a supportive and therapeutic space for students to share experiences of being a BME individual in London and LSE. 
    Tuesday 25th October 2011

  • Communicating Assertively:For PowerPoint click  here
    Learn how you can improve the effectiveness of your communication skills.
    Friday 29 Nov 2013

  • Disordered Eating Group:
    The Disordered Eating Group Group provides participants an opportunity to develop new behaviours and more helpful thoughts affecting their eating habits. This group is part experiential, part psycho-educational and is suitable for bulimic, bingeing, restrictive or compulsive eaters. The group runs for six weeks.
    For PowerPoint presentation click here

  • End of term review for MSc students: For PowerPoint click  here  
    An opportunity to review progress and anticipate future challenges. It will include discussion of practical skills to help with the challenges of the MSc programme, including stress management. 
    Wednesday 7 December

  • Exams workshop - revise and de-stress: For PowerPoint click here
    This workshop has tips for revision and preparing for exams, as well as many stress management techniques. Wednesday 8 May

  • Good writing Psychology: For PowerPoint click  here; For Video podcast click link  here  (Requires LSE login and password).  
    This presentation looks at ways of thinking about the task of writing, with advice and tips to help manage blocks and unhelpful fears. It will include a range of management techniques for dealing with common writing difficulties, such as procrastination and perfectionism.
    Wednesday 24 October 
    For Video podcast click link here (Requires LSE login and password).
    Friday 9 November, 3.00 to 4.00pm: CLM G.02 (Hong Kong Theatre) - Repeat session.

  • International students' workshop: For PowerPoint click  here
    Studying in another country (and often in a different language) presents a variety of challenges. This session offers an opportunity to explore cultural and academic styles in the UK, and will include advice and tips for making the most of your time at LSE.
    Wednesday 31 October


  • Interview Nerves: For PowerPoint Click  here
    This is a joint presentation with LSE Careers Service, offering practical techniques to relieve our interview nerves. This workshop will include a focus on effective preparation, useful presentation techniques, and advice on non-verbal communication.
    Monday 22 October 
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender
    This is an opportunity to share experiences and reactions within in a safe space. Living and studying in London raises many concerns and sexuality may be one of them. Why not come along to this workshop and hear how others are doing. It will include time to share tips and ideas about how to get the most out of your time here at LSE.
    Thursday 17 January 12.00 to 1.00pm

  • Managing Depression For PowerPoint click here :
    Coming to LSE can be an exciting time, but also a time of challenges that can leave you vulnerable to depression. Depression and low moods are some of the most common problems presented at University Counselling Services. This workshop will look at how you can become more aware of the coping with low moods.
    Other topics discussed will include strategies of how to challenge unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. We will also discuss how to access on-going support to help you feel more in control.
    Date:  Friday 22 November, 2013.   Location:  KSW 1.04  Time:  14:00 - 15:00

  • Managing Perfectionism workshop: For PowerPoint Handout click here
    This workshop looks at common difficulties with excess perfectionism, and will cover a wide range of practical approaches to help you manage your studies. It will include a look at common myths and how to overcome self-defeating thinking errors. 
    Monday 23 January

  • Managing PhD Stress: For PowerPoint on Mindfulness click  here
    This workshop from the Student Counselling Service will look at a range of practical techniques to reduce stress and better manage the pressures of being a PhD student. It will include a description of an easy to use Mindfulness exercise, which can help with relaxation and reduce the amount of time spent worrying about work.
    Wednesday 16 November
  • Managing PhD Thesis Anxiety
    This workshop from the Teaching and Learning Centre will explore how various factors such as perfectionism, procrastination and self esteem can be blocks in the process of writing the thesis. It will be run by a student counsellor and the PhD student adviser, and explore useful strategies to help manage the stress of writing a thesis.
    Tuesday 22 November

  • Mindfulness and Stress Management Workshop: PowerPoint click here
    This workshop will look at the use of mindfulness as an excellent way of managing stress. Mindfulness is a type of relaxation exercise which can help reduce the amount of time you spend worrying about things. The workshop will look at how you  can combine this with other practical techniques to reduce stress, and better manage the pressures of being a student.
    Tuesday 15 May

  • Overcoming Procrastination workshop: For Powerpoint click here    For Questionnaire click here . This will look at the difficulties with procrastination, examining the negative thoughts and behaviours that inhibit students from being able to work. The workshop will examine a range of techniques and practical tips to help you deal with this. 
    Wednesday 8 February 

  • Presentation Skills and Confidence: For PowerPoint click  here This workshop looks at a wide range of practical confidence-building measures to help students give presentations, including positive self talk, good vocal technique and tips for managing anxiety and stress. Wednesday 18 January 

  • Prisoners of our own defence: stopping and starting the MSc dissertation :
    A workshop for MSc students exploring how perfectionism and procrastination are often unwittingly used to mitigate many of the psychological hurdles that can arise in the dissertation writing process. Whilst such defences are intended to impede and inhibit unwanted feelings and thoughts, they can end up being mechanisms that stop the writing process itself.
    Thursday 22 July 2010

  • Psychological challenges faced by MSc students: For PowerPoint click here
    How are you managing with the changes involved in being an MSc student? This workshop will include a focus on how can you cope with the difficulties and stresses of this intense programme.
    Friday 11 November

  • Sleep Well workshop: For handout click  here
    This workshop will look at a range of difficulties associated with sleep. It will increase your understanding of the process of sleep and explore strategies and ideas about how you might work towards achieving better sleep.
    Monday 27 February


  • Studying and Surviving at LSE: For PowerPoint click  here
    This presentation looks at the experience of being a student at LSE, putting into context the challenges that lie ahead. It will include tips for coping and a review of stress management skills.
    Wednesday 17 October
  • Time Management: For PowerPoint click  here
    Wednesday 18 January