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iThenticate Information: Using text-matching software for PhD students' work

iThenticate: using text-matching software for PhD students\' work

During 2013 the School piloted compulsory testing of all PhD theses (after submission and before examination) to text-matching software (iThenticate). The pilot has now been completed and the Academic Board agreed that compulsory testing of this kind did not need to continue. It also agreed that the software should be made available to research students during their programme (for use on draft work) and that departments could decide if they wished to use it to compulsorily test students\' work at an earlier stage of the programme, for example, as a part of the upgrade process.

If you are a research student and wish to use the software, please email researchdegrees@lse.ac.uk| to request an iThenticate account.

You should check with your department (in the PhD Student Handbook) whether use of iThenticate is required as a part of your programme. If it is, an account should have been set up for you, but if not please email researchdegrees@lse.ac.uk|

|A copy of the Quick Start User Guide for iThenticate software is provided here for your information:   Quick Start User Guide|  you will also find further instructions on how to use the software on the iThenticate website. Fuller guidance is provided in the iThenticate User Manual| 

Information on training sessions for the 2014-15 session will be published here once they are confirmed. In the meantime, should you have any questions about using the software and/or interpreting a report produced by it please email researchdegrees@lse.ac.uk|.