Regulations and other guidance

There are a number of regulations governing your study at the School: all regulations can be accessed on the School's Calendar|. It is your responsibility to ensure you have read and understood all regulations as they relate to you. Advice can be sought on them from a member of the Research Degrees Unit team.

The regulations applying to all registered research students include:

Please note that the Regulations for Research Degrees have been revised: the new version applies to all registered students at the School even if you first registered before the 2012-3 session. The only exception is if you entered for or were examined before the 2011-2 session, when the Regulations from the year of your original examination entry will be applied (please see the Examination section of our website for further detail and a copy of the previous Regulations).

There are also programme regulations for each research programme and guides for each taught course at the School.

Additionally, there are a number of related policies and guides that might be of interest to you as a research student, which include:

You will find a copy of the School's policies on the Policies and procedures webpage.|