Undertaking fieldwork

If you need to go on fieldwork as part of your programme of study, you should discuss this with your supervisor and Doctoral Programme Director in the first instance.  

To apply to undertake fieldwork, please complete an application to undertake fieldwork (and the attached risk assessment form)| at least two months in advance of when you plan to go on fieldwork. Please ensure you read the risk assessment advice. 

Forms should be completed and returned  to the Research Degrees Unit (TW2 6.01). We will obtain the Research Degrees Subcommittee Chair's approval and will confirm the decision with you by email to your LSE address. Requests for fieldwork are usually processed within one month.  

Please ensure you allow sufficient time before any planned fieldwork is to commence to complete the application and the risk assessment. This is particularly important, for example, if you require particular vaccinations before travelling to certain countries or to make specific arrangements for your fieldwork trip that are identified through the risk assessment process.

Please note that the School's insurance does not cover you while you are studying abroad. You will need to take out appropriate personal insurance.

Extending your fieldwork

If you wish to extend your fieldwork you must complete another application and risk assessment.