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Essential information for the 2013/4 examination session can be found on our pages. Please read them carefully.

A practical guide to all aspects of LSE Examination procedures.

A course specific guide to permitted materials during examinations.

Information on when the School examination timetable is published and when personal examination timetables are available.

Making arrangements if you have a documented medical, physical or psychological condition and/or a learning disability, including Daily Arrangements|.

Information on deferring| your examinations, submitting proof of exceptional circumstances| and what to do if you are ill on the day of an exam|.

Students are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the regulations relating to their studies and as well as the regulations listed below.

It is the School's view that when a student decides to enter an examination, he/she has declared him/herself 'fit to sit'. However, if you feel that your examination performance was affected, significantly and negatively, by exceptional circumstances, defined as unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond your control, you may submit an exceptional circumstances| claim. All such claims should be supported by official, original evidence of your circumstances. If you intend to do so, it is vital that you notify Student Services within seven days of your final exam. It is unlikely that circumstances which are brought to the School's attention more than seven days after your final exam will be admissible.


Details on applying for exceptional permission to arrange sitting an examination overseas.


Information about the publication and understanding of results.


Details about re-sitting a failed examination.