Illness and Special Exam Provision

Illness on the day of the exam

If you are likely to miss an examination, you should contact the Student Services Centre as soon as possible on +44 (0)20 7955 6167. An answer-phone is available outside of normal School hours and messages will be responded to as soon as possible.

Please refer to the Examination Procedures for Candidates (PDF) for further information on illness during the examination period.

Special Exam Provision (SEP)

Please refer to the full SEP Procedure before applying. Students who wish to make an SEP request are encouraged to consult the Student Services Centre for advice in the first instance. 

You must still follow the Deferral Procedure even if you are applying for SEP. 

Undergraduate (which could include General Course) or Taught Masters students may be able to apply for Special Exam Provision in very exceptional circumstances. 

These are limited to:

  • Serious injuries following an accident 
  • A sudden and unexpected, very severe or contagious illness which may pose a serious risk to others or means that the student is physically incapable of sitting the exam
  • The death of a very close relative - a parent, child, partner or sibling

The circumstances must have occured proximate to the exam(s) in question.  Requests must be supported by appropriate documentary evidence in English, and must be submitted no later than 5 working days after the exam in question. 

SEP is only open to students who would not be able to graduate or progress as a result of missing an exam or set of exams.  Cases are considered by the SEP Panel; please note that the Panel does not meet until after the exam period. Where the SEP Panel approves a special exam, this will not be confirmed until your final results are known.

First and second year LLB students are not eligible for SEP. 

To submit a request, please complete the SEP form and send it with your supporting evidence to  You will receive an acknowledgement email.  The Student Services Centre will then determine whether your circumstances can be considered - if they can, the case will then be presented to the SEP Panel after the exam period. 

The Student Services Centre will inform you of the outcome by email.  If your request is approved, you will be given details about sitting the special exam, which will normally take place at the end of August. If your request is not successful, you will be given details of your right to appeal.