Deferral Requests

The School requires you to sit all assessments in the academic year in which you received tuition. Under certain circumstances the School will allow students to postpone one or more assessments to the next academic year. This is known as deferral. If you are absent from an examination of fail to submit a dissertation without official approval to defer, you will receive a mark of zero (i.e a fail) for that course, which will count as an attempt.

N.B. Deferral of assessment is not a right and permission will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Re-entry students who wish to defer must defer all courses and will not be permitted to split re-entry.

If you have missed tuition and do not feel able to sit exams or hand in assessments, you should consider interrupting your studies instead. Please see the Interruption| web pages for details. 


If you are facing difficulties with your studies, whether for academic or personal reasons, there are a number of services in the School| that may be able to help. In particular, consider contacting the Teaching and Learning Centre| at| or 020 7852 3627 for guidance on learning development, writing, access to counselling and support for disability concerns. If you are having difficulties with studying in English contact the Language Centre| at| or 020 7955 6713.

When to request a deferral

You can seek permission to defer an exam after you have received all tuition (late Lent term) and by no later than the day before an exam. In certain exceptional circumstances, requests to defer may be considered on the day of an exam (e.g. if a student suddenly falls ill and is not fit to sit). These requests must be supported by valid evidence of extenuating circumstances. Retrospective deferral requests (i.e. requests made after an affected examination has ended) will not  be approved. If you miss an exam due to unforeseen difficulties and have not requested a deferral in advance, you should instead follow the Exceptional Circumstances| procedure. 

You can also seek permission to defer a dissertation submission to the following academic year. You can request this by no later than 7 days prior to your submission deadline, except in the case of unforeseen and exceptional circumstances. As with the deferral of exams, you should provide evidence of valid extenuating circumstances to support your request.

How to request a deferral

If you wish to defer an assessment you must do the following:

  1. Complete the Deferral form. You should include your reasons for wanting a deferral and attach any supporting evidence.
  2. Obtain the approval of the Chair of the Sub-Board of Examiners for your degree programme. Please check with your department if you do not know who this is.
  3. Submit the completed form, including the Chair of the Sub-Board's approval, to the Registry team within the Student Services Centre. 


All deferral requests will not be considered without the approval of the relevant Sub-Board Chair. 

Certain deferral requests will require additional approval, as outlined below: 

  • Undergraduate students - requests to defer more than one assessment but less than all assessments require the additional approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Graduate students - requests to defer  the same course(s) for the second time or more require the additional approval of the Chair of the Graduate Studies Sub-Committee.

The Registry team will submit your request to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Chair of Graduate Studies Sub-Committee as required. You do not need to obtain the additional approval prior to submitting your form to Registry.


An email confirming the School's decision on your deferral application will be sent to your LSE email account.  We aim to process deferral forms within three to five working days of receipt. Please note that it may take us longer to process requests during busy periods.

Deadline Extensions

Extensions to deadlines for assessed course work are not dealt with by Registry. If you wish to apply for an extension to assessed work you must contact your department directly.

General Course Students

If you wish to defer an examination you must complete a Deferral Form|. You should include your reasons for wanting a deferral, and attach any supporting evidence.  You will need the approval of the General Course tutor and your home institution, and the form should then be returned to the Student Services Centre.  An email confirming the School's decision will be sent to your LSE email account. 

PhD Deferrals

PhD students should consult their departments directly about deferring assessed courses.

Deferral Fees

No fees are charged if you are taking a deferred exam/ assessment as a first attempt. 

If the deferred assessment is a second attempt at a paper, then the standard assessment re-entry fees apply: £60 per full unit paper and £35 per half unit paper. See Re-entry| for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the Deferral FAQs| if you have any queries regarding deferrals.


Students who defer examinations are automatically re-entered in the next academic session. Please see Re-entry| for details.