Publication of Results

Results will be published on LFY once they have been ratified by the relevant School Board of Examiners.  Results are never given out over the telephone.

Schedule 2015/16

Results will be available on LFY from the following days:


January provisional exam results (students who have taken January exams only) Via email on 18 February 2016
LLB Intermediate students* By midnight on 6 June 2016

LLB Parts I and II students*

By midnight on 27 June 2016

All Undergraduate students(Including General Course)

By midnight on 6 July 2016

9 month Diploma and Masters students

By midnight on 6July 2016

LLB September re-sit students

By midnight on 19 September 2016

12 month Masters students**

By midnight on 14 November 2016





*BA/BSc students taking a Law course will  not  have their results published on these dates. Their results will be published when their programme's results are released.

**Please be aware that the above date is the earliest date at which the School is able to issue confirmed results. For reasons of quality assurance, the results process necessarily includes a number of key stages such as the marking and confirmation of dissertation marks by internal and external examiners; the holding of departmental sub-Boards of Examiners; and the formal ratification of awards by the School Board of Examiners. As a consequence, the School cannot, unfortunately, release confirmed results before this date.

In line with School policy, the results of students with an outstanding debt to the School will be blocked. 

Provisional Results

Provisional results for any exams taken in January will be released by email to students as per the timeline above. The School does not release provisional results to undergraduate or 9-month Masters student for exams taken in Summer Term. 

Students on 12-month taught Masters programmes and MPhil/PhD programmes only, may have the opportunity to view provisional marks for individual courses as early as possible. For a limited period between 1 August and 31 October, provisional results may be available in LFY. The provisional marks are available in LFY if the Academic Department responsible for the course has given permission for them to be released. Departments are free to choose whether to use this facility and, if provisional marks do not appear on LFY, this means that the Department has chosen not to issue them, either at this stage or at any time. Should the Department not wish to issue provisional marks at any point during this period, you will be notified of your marks only when final confirmed marks are published in mid-November.

Unable to view results

The School does not release results to students if they owe any fees to the School.  Please check your balance on LFY to see if you have any tuition, halls or library fees outstanding.  If you cannot see any outstanding fees on your account, then please contact the Finance Office  for clarification.

Results are not published on LFY for intercollegiate students who have taken a course at LSE.  Please contact your home university for your LSE course result.

General Course

General Course students: No marks are published online, only exam and class grades.  Your home university will determine the subsequent accreditation of the academic work completed at LSE.  Students with queries should contact the study abroad advisor at their home university.

Research and Intercollegiate Students

Registry does not send MPhil/PhD students confirmation of their grades for qualifying examinations. MPhil/PhD students who require confirmation of their grades should contact the appropriate department.

Results are not published on LFY for intercollegiate students who have taken a course at LSE.  Please contact your home university for your LSE course result.


Please see the Transcript web page for details.

Degree Certificates

Please see the Degree Certificate web page for details.

International Students - Working after your studies

Please see the details on the ISIS web page, Working after your studies.