Challenging Results

Integrity of Results Processing

All results are processed according to unique candidate numbers and not student names; the results posted on LFY are definitely your results and not another student's.

Marking / Re-marking of Papers

The School’s view is that there are three acceptable approaches to marking which provide a highly rigorous assessment procedure: double-blind marking; sighted double marking; and moderated single marking, involving a second examiner. The default position is double-blind marking. External examiners also review scripts from across the full range of marks for that course to enable them to ensure that the internal marking is consistent and of an appropriate standard. Marking is only carried out with reference to a student's unique candidate number and examiners are wholly unaware of the identity of the candidates.

The School is confident that its approach to the marking of students' summative work is sufficiently robust and thus you are not able to call into question the academic judgement of the Board of Examiners. There is no provision, therefore, for an examination script to be re-marked.

Exam Scripts and Administrative Mark Checks

Examination scripts are exempted from the access rules covered by the UK's Data Protection Act. Therefore School policy prohibits you from accessing either your original exam scripts or copies of your examination scripts.

The School does, however, permit students to request an administrative mark check for certain categories of examination script. This process verifies that the published final mark corresponds to the mark you were awarded by the relevant academic department.

Re-taking a Passed Examination 

The regulations state that 'you will not be re-examined in any course which you have already passed'.

The only exemption to this regulation is for LLB students who shall normally resit all papers taken in that year if they fail two or more units, or receive a Bad Fail mark in one or more papers.


The School does have an appeals procedure for students that wish to appeal their overall classification. See the Appeals web page for details.

Exceptional Circumstances

All exceptional circumstances forms submitted to Registry prior to the date of the relevant Sub-Board of Examiners meeting will be sent to the Chair of the Board for consideration.  These are therefore noted by the Board, and recommendations made to the School Board of Examiners accordingly.  No individual marks are ever changed as a result of exceptional circumstances.