Re-entry (Re-sitting) Exams

Automatic re-entry of deferred, discounted or failed examinations

You will be automatically re-entered for any deferred, discounted or failed courses (including those which are not assessed by written examination).   You will take all re-entered exams in the next academic year, during the normal exam period in May/June.  (The exceptions are LLB Intermediate and Part I reassessments, which are held in the first full week of September of the same academic year).  

Your assessment will be based on the syllabus for which you received teaching. 

Coursework deadlines are set by departments.  Contact your department directly with any questions and to find out what you are required to re-submit.  

You will be informed if you can not progress into your next year of study or if you are not eligible for your degree.  If this is the case, and you are eligible to re-sit or have deferred assessments, you will be expected to return in May/June to complete any outstanding examinations. You may also be required to submit coursework throughout the year. During this period, you will be classified as an unregistered student (see below for further details). 

Unregistered student status

If you are an unregistered student, you will not receive tuition.   All undergraduate students will be contacted by the  Repeat Teaching Panel with alternative options.  

International students are also strongly urged to refer to the visa and immigration advice section below. 

As an unregistered student, you will have access to the following:

  • A student ID card
  • The Library and other buildings on campus
  • IT facilities (including your email account)

Although unregistered students can continue to log in to Moodle, the Moodle courses that you were previously enrolled in will roll over for a new academic year during the summer, and it is likely that you will no longer have access to see materials.  You may want to download any relevant information before this change happens.  Academic departments may grant access to the Moodle materials on a case by case basis. Contact the relevant department directly to request access. Be sure to confirm that the information is relevant to the syllabus for the year in which you received teaching, as course materials can change from year to year.

Unregistered students are not typically eligible to live in halls, to apply for a student Oyster card or discounted rail card or to claim council tax exemption. As an unregistered student, you may also find that you are unable to print a certificate of registration from LSE for You to confirm your student status. However, you can email to request documentation that states that you are an unregistered student. 

Confirmation of Re-entry 

You will receive email confirmation of those courses for which you have been re-entered by the end of March.

Further information regarding re-entry will be emailed automatically upon receipt of the appropriate re-entry fee (see below).

If you have not received confirmation of re-entry by the end March, please contact Registry.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are re-entered for all required course(s); and you are strongly advised to check your re-entry requirements with your department, including with regard to the appropriate examination, dissertation and course work elements.

Re-entry fees and payment 

You will be contacted by the Registry team in the Lent Term with re-entry and payment instructions.  We are unable to accept payment before this date.  A fee of £60 is payable for each full unit paper and £35 for each half unit paper to be re-taken. This fee is only payable by those re-sitting the examinations as a second or third attempt. It does not apply to those paying full tuition or repeat tuition fees to the School; to courses where permission has been given to defer an assessment; or to those given permission to re-enter an assessment as a first attempt.

Payment of re-entry fees should be made as specified by the deadline in the re-entry confirmation email sent in the Lent term.

  Please note the following:

  • If you do not intend to resit all of your failed courses this academic session, you must contact Registry prior to making your fee payment.
  • By making the re-entry payment, you are confirming that you will be re-sitting. If at a later date you decide to not re-sit, defer or are absent for your exam, your payment is non-refundable.


Lost or expired student cards

Students with cards that are due to expire in October will automatically receive an email (typically just before the start of the Michaelmas term) when a new ID card is ready for collection. You are required to return your expired card when collecting the new one. 12-month Msc students with cards that have already expired will automatically be contacted by February when a new card is ready for collection.  If you require an updated card sooner than this, please email to arrange for a replacement card is ready for collection.

If you have lost a card that was not due to expire, you must visit Student ID cards and follow the instructions for requesting a new card.


Although no official results will be released to debtors, automatic re-entry will still apply.

Contact Credit Control with any queries regarding a debt to the school.

General Course Re-entry

General Course students are allowed to re-sit examinations at the next possible opportunity as long as you have failed or been absent from the examination with good reason. You are not automatically re-entered, so you must notify the General Course Dean of your intention to re-sit by contacting  If it is agreed, you will receive confirmation of the decision once your request has been considered.

Intercollegiate Re-entry

  • Graduate intercollegiate students who need to re-sit their assessments are required to make their own arrangements for re-entry. Students should contact the Student Services Centre for an 'Admission as an Intercollegiate Student' form. The form should be completed and returned to the School before the deadline of 15 January. 
  • Undergraduate intercollegiate students required to re-sit their examinations will be automatically re-entered for the examination by the School. 

There are no re-entry fees for intercollegiate students.


For more information about the regulations specific to your programme, please see Regulations for details.

Visas and immigration

Students who require a visa to study in the UK can find useful information about Re-taking exams and other information on the ISIS website.  Contact ISIS directly with any questions.