Transcripts - Alumni 2010 onwards

Online transcripts

Alumni from 2010 onwards benefit from a system for issuing transcripts online known as Digitary|

This system allows you to easily share your digitally-signed online transcript with, for example, potential employers and academic institutions. The recipients of your transcript can then quickly and confidently verify the legally valid and tamper-evident document. The system is easy to use and comprehensive on-screen instructions are provided to help users.

Online transcripts for students graduating in December 2014 will be available from January 2015; and notification and further guidance is sent to the completing students’ LSE email accounts as soon as they are issued.

N.B. Students from the MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing unfortunately do not have access to Digitary. Students from this programme should contact Registry| to request a transcript. 

Accessing Digitary

Use your 'LSE Public Account' login details to access your Digitary transcript.  The username for your LSE Public Account will be a personal email address (e.g.,, etc).

If you are about to graduate, or have recently graduated, you should check your LSE Public Account| status in LSE for You|, which you can also use to create an account and reset your password details.  Your LSE for You access will remain active until the December after your final results.  After this time, you can request a public account from the Registry| by e-mailing them a scan of your passport's picture page (or another state-issued ID), your programme and dates of study, your full name at time of registration, your date of birth, and your student ID number. 

Once you have set up your account, please visit Digitary| to login and access your online transcript.  If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please follow the relevant links on the Digitary |login page to recover/reset them.

If you need assistance with your Digitary |login, or have any feedback on the system, please contact Registry|.  

Hard copy transcripts

An ever-increasing number of employers and educational institutions are happy to accept online transcripts. You can, however, also request a hard copy transcript|.