Certificate of registration

A Certificate of Registration is used to prove registration at LSE for current students.  Please note that new students can not obtain a Certificate of Registration until after they have registered on their designated Registration date. 

The certificate contains the following information:

  • Full name
  • Student number
  • Date of birth 
  • Term time and permanent addresses 
  • The title and subject of your programme
  • The start and end dates of your programme
  • Registration status  
  • Mode of attendance
  • Fee status
  • Estimated living costs
  • Your photo

How do I obtain a Certificate of Registration?

Follow these steps: 

  1. Log into LSE for You and select the option "Certification and Documentation" and then "Certificate of Registration."
  2. Follow the directions on the screen to print your certificate.  You cannot view the certificate until it has been printed.  
  3. Confirm that the document contains the information you need in the format you require.  If necessary, you can request a alternative version of the certificate.  If you are applying for a travel visa (such as the Schengen visa), or for documentation to open a bank account, it is especially important that you review Is it the correct document?, as it is possible that you will need to arrange for a different version of your certificate.  
  4. Assuming this version meets your needs, bring the certificate and your student ID card to the Student Services Centre within 5 business days.  (PhD students and MPhil students may alternatively visit the Research Degrees Unit.) A member of staff will validate the certificate with a stamp and signature. Please note the opening hours.

You will be unable to obtain a copy of your Certificate of Registration if you have outstanding fees (please email fees@lse.ac.uk for clarification), if you have not registered properly, or if you have completed your degree (email registry@lse.ac.uk for assistance).

Is it the correct document?

Always check that the Certificate of Registration you print from LSE for You contains the information you need in the format you require.  If it is not sufficient, you can request an alternative version

In particular, please be aware of the following:

  • Bank accounts:  Some banks will not accept the certificate printed from LSE for You.  It is strongly recommended that you review Bank Accounts to confirm the types of documents local bank branches have required in the past and to learn how to obtain what you need.    
  • Visa applications:  Some embassies will not accept the certificate printed from LSE for You.  Always confirm what you will need on the embassy's website as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If you require a letter that is addressed directly to the embassy, visit the Student Services Centre during our opening hours to request a Visa Letter.  (PhD/MPhil students should contact the Research Degrees Unit.) A letter will be produced immediately for you.  You are responsible for ensuring that the version produced upon request at the Student Services Centre meets the requirements of your visa application.  Staff at the SSC counter are unable to customise the letter for you, and so if you would like to request that additional information is added to the letter (or if you can not come to the Student Services Centre to request the letter), you will need to arrange for the Registry to produce a bespoke letter for you.  See How can I request a different version of the Certificate of Registration for further instructions.  International students applying for the Schengen visa should also see What to do if you need to travel overseas.
  • Council tax exemption:  Councils will typically accept a Certificate of Registration printed from LSE for You, as long as it has been stamped and signed by the Student Services Centre.  See Council Tax and students for further advice. 

How can I request a different version of the Certificate of Registration? 

If for any reason you need a certificate with additional information, and/or you need a version on headed paper, please email Registry at registry@lse.ac.uk from your LSE email account to make a request.  (PhD/MPhil students should instead email researchdegrees@lse.ac.uk.)  Requests should not come from personal email accounts such as gmail, hotmail, or yahoo. Please state your student ID number in the email and give details as to what you need the document to include.  LSE  will normally respond to your request within five working days.   Certificates are typically collected from the Student Services Centre, (or the Research Degrees Unit in the case of PhD/MPhil students), unless otherwise requested.

Urgent requests

In exceptional circumstances it may be possible for the Registry to produce a copy of your certificate of registration at a short notice. If your request is urgent, you must bring printed proof that you require it by an upcoming deadline to the Student Services Centre.  Registry can not prioritise your request without proof that you need the document urgently. 

PhD/MPhil students should contact the Research Degrees Unit directly to request urgent documentation.

Proof of past student status

For proof of past student status or degree award, former students must request a transcript. The only exception to this is a certificate that can be provided with specific wording for Greek students for them to give to DOATAP - please email registry@lse.ac.uk to enquire about this.  Please include your student ID number in any correspondence.