Transcripts - Alumni 1993 onwards


Alumni benefit from a system for issuing transcripts online known as Digitary

Transcripts for alumni who graduated between 1993 - 2000 and for some other exceptions (section below) may be incomplete. All students should follow the steps below and we will be in touch if there is an issue. 

This system allows you to easily share your digitally-signed online transcript with, for example, potential employers and academic institutions. The recipients of your transcript can then quickly and confidently verify the legally valid and tamper-evident document. The system is easy to use and comprehensive on-screen instructions are provided to help users. 

Before requesting a transcript please check the exceptions list at the bottom of this page to ensure we are able to provide you with one..

Accessing Digitary

If you are accessing Digitary during the same calendar year you graduated, then you can login with your student network login details. If you are accessing Digitary after this point, you will need to use your 'LSE Public Account' login details. Your LSE for You student network access will remain active until the December after your final results.  

The username for your LSE Public Account will be a personal email address (e.g.,, etc). Most graduates will already have a public account that was created when they were an applicant to the School. This same account can be used as an alumni to access systems such as LSE for You and Digitary.

If you are about to graduate, or have recently graduated, you should check your LSE Public Account status in LSE for You, which you can also use to reset your password details or create a new account if required.  

After December of the year you graduated, you can do one of the following:

  • retrieve your public account password using the personal email address you originally registered with as your username. You should do this in LSE for You.


  • you can request for your public account to be reset/created by completing the online form (below) and attaching a scan of your passport's picture page (or another state-issued ID):
  • Digitary Access Request Form
    Please complete all fields. Requesting access to Digitary will give you access to your digital transcript and allow you to request hard copies.
  • Name
  • Tick to confirm that you understand all of the guidance on this page and to acknowledge that any existing LSE public account will need to be closed in order for password details to be reset
  • I confirm that I am the graduate requesting access to Digitary, and that I'm not requesting access on the graduate's behalf.

Once you have set up your account, please visit Digitary to login and access your online transcript.  If you have forgotten your username and/or password, please follow the relevant links on the Digitary login page to recover/reset them. If you request a public account and we find you already have one associated with your email address, we will cancel it and resend details for you to set a new account up.

If you already have access to one or more transcripts in Digitary but need access to another one (e.g. if you can access your postgraduate transcript but need access to your undergraduate transcript) then please contact Registry. We will then upload this transcript, providing we have full records for when you studied the programme.

If you need assistance with your Digitary login, or have any feedback on the system, please contact Registry.  

Hard copy transcripts

An ever-increasing number of employers and educational institutions are happy to accept online transcripts. You can, however, also request a hard copy transcript through Digitary. There is a charge of £7.50 per transcript. Please visit Hard Copy Transcript for further details.


  • Master’s and diploma records relating to studies before 1998/9 are sometimes incomplete and will not show marks obtained in individual modules.
  • LSE does not hold a record of marks for courses (modules) taken for the LLM programme before the 2003/4 academic year. To request a complete transcript, please contact the University of London.
  • MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing: Students who graduated before the 2002/03 academic year should contact the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to request a transcript.
  • Students who undertook the two year MSc in Economics or the two year MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics should email Registry to request a transcript.
  • General Course students from IFSA Butler and Arcadia must contact their home institution for a transcript. We are unable to issue transcripts to these students directly.
  • Summer School transcripts  are issued by the Summer School Office, please contact them directly.