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Hard-copy transcripts are available for most alumni who graduated after 1993. Hard-copy transcripts can be ordered using Digitary. For information about accessing Digitary, please visit the Alumni 1993 onwards page. Current students should visit the Current Students page for information about requesting an intermediate transcript.

In some cases however the hard-copy transcript will not be available or may not be complete;

  • Summer School transcripts are issued by the Summer School Office, please contact them directly.
  • General Course students from IFSA Butler and Arcadia must contact their home institution for a transcript. We are unable to issue transcripts to these students directly.
  • Master’s and diploma transcripts relating to studies before 1997/8 will not show marks obtained in individual modules.
  • LSE transcripts for the LLM programme will not show all marks or modules taken before the 2003/4 academic year. To request a complete transcript, please contact the University of London.
  • MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing: Students who graduated before the 2002/03 academic year should contact the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to request a transcript.
  • Students who undertook the two year MSc in Economics or the two year MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics  should email Registry to request a transcript.

There is a charge of £7.50 for each transcript requested. Transcripts are normally issued within 3-5 working days of Registry receiving your request. 

If you graduated prior to 1993 please see Alumni from before 1993.

Hard-copy transcripts do not show any comparative data for students who graduated before 2012.

Requesting your transcript

To request a hard copy transcript, please follow the instructions below:

1) Log on to Digitary with your LSE username and password.  

Please note: If you graduated in the current calendar year, your login details for LSE for You will expire in December. In order to continue to log into Digitary (and LSE for You), you must create an LSE Public Account before December.  In LSE for You, select the "Account Management" option on the left, then select "Manage LSE Public Account". The username of your public account will be a personal email address (e.g. gmail.com, hotmail.com, etc).  Your public account will be activated within 24 hours.  

If you graduated before the current calendar year and no longer have access to LSE for You, please complete the online form on the Alumni Post-1993 page to request an invitation to set up an LSE Public Account. Once the account is activated you will be able to request hard copy transcripts in Digitary and access your digital transcript.

2) Select 'Order Paper Copy' on the Digitary homepage.

3) To place a new order, click the 'make new order' option. The next screen will display all of your available documents. If you have completed more than one degree at LSE, you will have multiple options to choose from.

4) Enter the required quantity for each document and click 'next'.

5) Complete the Address page following the instructions below.

  • To have your transcript posted: enter the recipient's address and indicate whether you would like the envelope to be individually sealed and stamped. Please note that all transcripts will be posted by standard post; delivery times are around 3-5 working days for Europe and 15-20 working days to all other international destinations. All transcripts will be folded and placed in an envelope for posting. If you do not want your document(s) to be folded and posted in this way, then you should arrange for a courier delivery.
  • To collect your transcript yourself from the Student Services Centre: enter ‘Collection’ in the ‘Addressee’ (top) field.
  • To arrange collection by somebody else from the  Student Services Centre: enter ‘Third Party Collection’ in the ‘Addressee’ field and the name of the person who will collect your transcript(s) in the first line of the 'Address' fields. 
  • To have a PDF of your transcript emailed: enter your postal address and email ard.transcripts@lse.ac.uk to confirm that you would also like a copy to be emailed to you. Please provide us with the email address you would like it to be sent to, along with the 4-digit reference number you will have received when you submitted your request in Digitary. Remember you can share a digital copy using Digitary, which is free and more secure. See Alumni Post 1993 for details. 
  • To arrange collection by courier from the Student Services Centre: enter ‘Courier’ in the ‘Addressee’ field, followed by the name and address of the recipient in the first lines of the 'Address' fields.  You should then arrange for a courier (we recommend that you use DHL) to collect your transcript from the Student Services Centre on your behalf. Please ensure you provide the courier with your name and student ID so that they are able to collect the right documents. You must forward the relevant DHL labels onto ard.transcripts@lse.ac.uk so that these can be attached to your documents ready for courier collection. It will take up to three working days from the date of your order for the transcripts to be available for courier collection.

If you are having problems accessing the transcript request option once you have logged in to Digitary, please email Registry.

If you need to include an application reference number with your transcript, please enter it in ‘Address' line 1 before completing any other address details from ‘Address Line 2’ onwards. This information will then appear on the envelope.

If you need us to attach a completed form with your transcript (e.g for LSAC and WES applications) then submit your request in the normal way but mark it as for collection from the SSC counter. Email the form you need completing to ard.transcripts@lse.ac.uk with a note explaining that a transcript has been ordered and is awaiting collection but needs to be attached to the form. Please also include the address you would like us to send the form and transcript(s) to in your email. We will then post the documents out and seal the envelope with a stamp.