LSE Degree Certificates

Graduands who complete programmes from the 2007/8 academic year onwards will automatically receive an LSE degree certificate.

The degree certificate, often called a 'diploma' at other institutions, details a graduand's full name, level of award, programme of study, and class of degree or other award obtained.

Please note that as of January 2012, the School does not issue certified copies of degree certificates.

Degree certificate collection

LSE Masters' and Bachelors' degree certificates are available for collection on each day of the School's Graduation Ceremonies. Degree certificate collection is separate from the Graduation Ceremonies, so you may collect your certificate even if you are not attending your ceremony. Details, including the dates, location and opening hours, are available from the certificate collection web page.

Please note that PhD, MPhil, University of London and Health Policy, Planning and Financing certificates are not available at degree certificate collection.

Posting your certificate

Certificates not collected during the ceremonies, will be despatched to the permanent home address listed in LFY by DHL within 8 weeks of the Graduation Ceremonies. Delivery times will vary depending on your location.

Please ensure that your home address is updated on LFY in order to minimise posting problems. Common reasons for returned mail to the School include a failure to insert a country or postcode/zip-code, so please ensure that your full address is present on LFY.

If you have not received your degree certificate within 12 weeks of the Graduation Ceremonies, please contact Registry.

PhD and MPhil certificates

PhD and MPhil graduands should contact the Research Degrees Unit directly for information on how to obtain their degree certificates. They will not be available at Degree Certificate Collection held the days of the presentation ceremonies.

University of London degree certificates

Graduands who started their programme at the School prior to the academic year 2007/8 were issued with a degree certificate by the University of London (UoL).

For queries regarding UoL degree certificates, please contact the University of London's Diploma Production Office at

Validating your degree certificate

Please note that, as of January 2012, the School does not issue certified copies of degree certificates.  If you require additional confirmation of your award, you should request a confirmation of award letter or a transcript.  

Replacement degree certificates

In exceptional circumstances, graduands can make an application for a replacement degree certificate. Applications can be made in the event of loss, damage or non-receipt of the original certificate.

A statutory declaration must be completed for all applications for a replacement certificate, except those where the original certificate was damaged or destroyed. A Magistrate, commissioner for oaths or practising solicitor will be able to sign this declaration. For applicants who reside overseas, the declaration can also be witnessed and signed by the British Embassy or Consulate. If you have questions about obtaining a statutory declaration, please contact the Notaries Society or the LSE Law Society for guidance.

If you were awarded in the 2008 or later, you can make an application for LSE degree certificate by downloading a copy of the Replacement degree certificate request form. Be sure to follow the instructions provided.  Please note that graduands must wait a minimum of 12 weeks from the date of despatch of the degree certificate before making an application for a replacement certificate in the event of non-receipt of the original. This is to allow for a full search to be undertaken of the recorded delivery tracking system.  Be sure to check the Home Address you have listed in LSE for You to confirm that your degree certificate has been posted to the correct address.  If the address was not correct, or if after 12 weeks your certificate has not arrived, email so that we can investigate for you.  

If you were awarded prior to 2008, your certificate was issued by the University of London.  To make an application for a replacement UoL degree certificate, please contact


If your query is not answered on this web page, please contact with any queries regarding your LSE degree certificate.