December 2017 Graduation Ceremonies

Please see the Before the Ceremony pages for details on tickets, academic dress and the Ceremony Day for details of what to expect on the day.

December 2017 schedule

Ceremony A: Monday 11 December, 4pm

- International Development (all programmes)

- International History (all programmes)


Ceremony B: Tuesday 12 December, 10.45am

- Media and Communications (all programmes)

- Psychological and Behavioural Science (all programmes)

- Methodology (all programmes)


Ceremony C: Tuesday 12 December, 2pm

- Geography and Environment (all programmes)

- Social Policy (*the following programmes only: Executive MSc in Health Economics, Out & Mgt in CS; Executive MSc in Health Economics, Policy & Mgmt; MSc in Global Health; MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management; MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing; MSc in International Health Policy; MSc in Intl. Health Policy (Health Economics)


Ceremony D: Tuesday 12 December, 5pm

- Law (all programmes)

- Anthropology (all programmes)


Ceremony E: Wednesday 13 December, 10.45am

- Social Policy (*the following programmes only: MPhil/ PhD in Social Policy;  MSc in Criminal Justice Policy; MSc in Health, Population and Society; MSc in Population and Development; MSc in Social Policy (EU & Comparative Soc Policy); MSc in Social Policy (Research); MSc in Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning); MSc in Social Policy and Development; MSc in Social Policy and Development: NGOs

- International Relations (all programmes)

- LSE IDEAS (all programmes)


Ceremony F: Wednesday 13 December, 2pm

- European Institute (all programmes)

- Sociology (all programmes)


Ceremony G: Wednesday 13 December, 5pm

- Economics (all programmes)

- Economic History (all programmes)

- Management (*the following programmes only: MSc in Management Info Sys & Digital Innovation; MSc in Management Science (Decision Sciences); MSc in Management Science (Operational Research); MSc in Human Resources & Organisations (HRM/CIPD); MSc in Human Resources & Organisations (Org. Beh.); MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (Intl ER); MPhil/ PhD in Industrial Relations; MPhil/ PhD in Management: Emp Relations & Org. Beh.; MPhil/ PhD in Management: Information Sys & Innov.


Ceremony H: Thursday 14 December, 10.45am

- Mathematics (all programmes)

- Statistics (all programmes)

- Finance (all programmes)

- Management (*the following programmes only: MSc in International Management; MSc in Management and Strategy; MSc in Management, Organisations and Governance; MSc in Public Management and Governance; MSc in Management (CEMS); MSc in Management; MSc in Management (MiM)


Ceremony I: Thursday 14 December, 2pm

- Government (all programmes)

- Philosophy (all programmes)

- Gender Studies (all programmes)