Degree Certificate Collection

At the graduation ceremony, graduands are presented to the Director/Provost by their departments and a representative on behalf of the Court of Governors confers the awards for which students are recommended. 

Degree certificates, which is the official confirmation of that award, are handed out separately. Graduands will not need their certificates during the ceremony.

Who may collect certificates

Graduating Bachelors and Masters students. 

Research students should contact RDU to make arrangements to collect their certificates. 

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine produces the MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing degree certificates so they are not available at certificate collection.


Degree certificate collection is located in the Vera Anstey Room, accessible via the Old Building Main Entrance foyer, up the stairs next to the lift.

Opening times

Monday 11th December: 1pm-4pm

Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th December: 9am-5pm

Thursday 14th December: 9am-2pm

What to bring with you

Graduands need their LSE ID card or other photographic ID (such as driving license or passport). Certificates will not be given to third parties on the ceremony days.

Graduands also need to give staff the full official title of their degree programme. Many degree programmes have similar names, e.g. MSc in International Relations Theory and MSc in International Relations, so please ensure you know your programme title.

Degree Certificate Framing

Tempest Photography offers a degree certificate framing service on the day and the LSE degree certificate folder for those who are travelling abroad. Please see the web page for the Ceremony Photographer for location and opening times.  

Posting certificates

Please see the Degree Certificate web page for details on certificates not collected at the ceremonies.

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