Academic Dress

Ordering your gown

All graduands participating in the ceremonies must wear the appropriate academic dress  bought or hired from Ede and Ravenscroft.  

Graduands can only order gowns once they know the day of their ceremony.

You will need to know your height, head circumference and chest size measurements, and day of your ceremony when ordering a gown.

All queries relating to gown hire should be directed to Ede and Ravenscroft:

Tel: +44 (0)1223 861 854 (national rate)

Collecting your gown

Academic dress collection and return will take place on the ceremony days in the Student Services Centre Atrium (Ground floor, Old Building). For details please see Academic Dress Collection.

Dress code

Graduands should wear business attire, smart national dress or other formal clothing under their gowns. We would also highly recommend that students wear a shirt or blouse with buttons, as this will ensure that the hood of the academic dress stays in place. 

Alternatively, you may bring hair or safety pins with you to help keep the gown and hood in place.

Gown options

Since the granting of its own degree awarding powers in July 2008, students have worn LSE-specific gowns. However, if you are eligible and have chosen to receive a University of London degree you should still book an LSE gown as this can be exchanged for a University of London gown on the day.

To view the LSE gowns, please select your degree:

Bachelors, Certificate Diploma, Masters, MPhil, PhD

Please also see the Gallery for pictures of LSE graduates.


Please note that, although you will receive a hat as part of your academic dress, it is an LSE tradition that hats are not worn on stage. Please leave your hat on your seat.