Complaint about school services

What you can do:

If you have a complaint about any aspect of a service you should first speak to the member/s of staff concerned, which may include a supervisor or manager.  You may wish to use the School's service complaints procedure| to submit a formal complaint if you are unable to find a solution.

For more information, contact Kevin Haynes in the Planning and Corporate Policy Division on 020 7955 7823 or email|

If no remedy is found, you should write to the office supervisor or manager; their names appear in the Code of Practice, details below. 

Complaints or concerns may also be pursued through the Students' Union. If no adequate explanation and/or apology is obtained you can take the matter further by writing to the appropriate senior officer: names are published in this Handbook.

Students have elected representatives on School committees. A full list of these committees and the names of elected representatives can be obtained from the Students' Union offices.

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