Disciplinary offence at a residence

It is a condition of admission and continued residence that students should observe the regulations laid down in their Hall Regulations and any other such regulations made by the Warden.

The Warden has the right to fine, and in serious cases expel, any student who infringes the regulations or whose conduct is unsatisfactory.

What you can do

A student has the right to appeal against a disciplinary penalty imposed by a Warden. Appeals concerning matters of a serious nature (such as those involving expulsion from the Hall or accusations of assault, harassment or theft) should be made to the Pro-Director for Teaching and Learning, Professor Janet Hartley.

Appeals relating to more minor matters should be made to the Chairman of the Inter-Halls Committee. All students will be informed of their right to appeal and the appropriate method of progression of their appeal at the time that they are notified of the disciplinary penalty imposed.