Not being allowed to progress

Undergraduate students

Progression is only permitted if you meet the rules specified for your degree. You can find detailed information on the Regulations for First Degrees pages. You will also be able to see your specific Programme Regulations on the Calendar

Ordinarily you are unable to progress into the following year if you carry more than one outstanding unit (be that failed or deferred). If you are unable to progress you have two options:

1. Spend the year as an unregistered student, returning only to (re)sit your exams. You will not receive any teaching during this time. Full details can be found here

2. Apply for repeat teaching. If you failed to benefit from teaching originally and  your circumstances show this to be the case, you can apply to take the teaching again. Repeat teaching is not guaranteed, and is only available to those who can prove they need it. Full details can be found here

All students are expected to (re)sit exams at the first possible opportunity. 

Graduate students

Rules about progression are varied when it comes to Graduate Programmes, so please check your specific programme for full details. Below are the links to the Regulations and Codes of Practice per level of study. 

(Note that the MPhil/PhD Code of Practice is included in the Regulations  for Research Degrees document).

Diploma students

Taught MSc students

MPhil/PhD students

PhD students can find detailed information on the Regulations for Research Degrees pages. Students are advised to contact the Research Degrees Unit directly if they have any queries about progression.