Complaint about the library

LSE aims to provide:

  • entitlement with a valid student card to access the Library during all opening hours
  • access to services with an average queuing time of no more than three minutes at any service point
  • referral to senior staff during core hours if required.
  • a scheme for suggestions and complaints.
  • a complaint or suggestion containing its author's name to receive a written reply, with the reply displayed on the feedback board if requested.
  • regular surveys so that Library users can influence services and how they are managed.
  • attendance by the Librarian or representative at staff/student or other appropriate committees, when invited, to discuss Library and related matters.

What you can do

Any user who is aggrieved by a decision of the Librarian may appeal to the Chairman of the Library and Information Services Committee. The Chairman will nominate two members of the Committee to form with him a panel to review the case. In the case of an appeal by a student of the School, one panel member shall be a student member of the Committee.

Regulatory document