Undergraduate Programme Registration

Undergraduate Registration Schedule

Registration for new undergraduate students will take place in the Hong Kong Theatre (Clement House) according to the Undergraduate Registration Schedule|.

Before Leaving Home 

In order to avoid delaying your registration, please ensure that you have submitted all required documents before you arrive at the School.

All required admissions documentation, such as transcripts of results for verification, should be submitted by post by Friday 12 August. For details, please see the Undergraduate Admissions| web pages.

The online Student Verification and Financial Undertaking forms should be submitted via LSE for You| (LFY) no later than 31 August.

What can I do if I miss my scheduled registration time?

We expect you to register on time. However, we recognise that there may be occasions where this is not possible. If you cannot attend your scheduled session, there will be arrangements for late registration as follows:

  • Friday, 4 October, 10am – 12 noon (Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House)
  • Monday, 7 October – Friday, 11 October, 10 –11am and 3 – 4pm (SSC, Old Building)


Visit Late Arrivals| for tips on settling in if you miss your scheduled Registration time.