General Course Registration

When should I register?

General Course registration will take place on Monday 18 September 2017:

  • Family Names beginning A to L - 9.30am
  • Family Names beginning M to Z - 10.30am

We expect you to register on time, however we also recognise that this may not always be possible.

Late registration sessions will take place in the Student Services Centre. Dates and times are as follows:

Week commencing Monday 25 September 2017

Monday 25 September - 11am to 12noon

Tuesday 26 September - 11am to 12noon

Wednesday 27 September - 11am to 12noon

Thursday 28 September - 11am to 12noon

Friday 29 September - 11am to 12noon

Week commencing Monday 2 October 2017

Monday 2 October  - 11am to 12noon

Tuesday 3 October  - 11am to 12noon

Thursday 5 October - 11am to 12noon

Friday 6 October - 11am to 12noon

All students must register before by Friday 20 October 2017. It is not possible to register after this date.  

Where should I register?

Main registration for new undergraduate students takes place in the Hong Kong Theatre on the Ground Floor of Clement House. 

Late registration Sessions take place in the Student Services Centre, on the Ground Floor of the Old Building. 

To find out where registration is taking place is please visit Maps and Directions.

What should I do before leaving home?

In order to avoid delaying your registration, please ensure that you have submitted all required documents to student recruitment before you arrive at LSE. For more details please visit Apply to the General Course.

Please also make sure that you have collated all of the necessary documents required for registration.

What can I do if I miss my scheduled registration time?

We expect you to register on time. In some exceptional circumstances it may, however, be possible for you to register late. 

All General Course students must have registered by Friday 20 October 2017. If you are going to register late you must contact the General Course Dean to dicusss when you can register. 

Dates, times and locations for late registration sessions are detailed above.

Visit Late Arrivals for tips on settling in if you miss your scheduled Registration time.