Programme Registration for Continuing Students

Most continuing taught students can re-register for their second or third years using the 'Registration for continuing students' facility in LSE for You|

The facility will become available from the week commencing 8th September 2014. The specific date and time at which this facility will become available varies by programme. You will be emailed with the exact time and date from which you can begin to re-register.

You should try to register as early as possible, and no later than Friday 10 October 2014, after which the online re-registration facility will be switched off.

If you fail to re-register then this will mean that you are not able to view your personal timetable, your student loan payments will not be made and if you have a visa this may be cancelled.

Some taught students are not able to use this facility because they need to register, in person, with the school. 

  • Double degree students who are coming to LSE for the second year of their degree having studied at another institution during the 2013/4 academic year
  • Students who are returning from interruption
  • Students who have been unregistered (to take re-sits for example) during the 2013/4 academic year

If you fall into one of these groups you will be emailed separately with details of how to re-register. These emails will be sent throughout September so please keep an eye on your inbox.

Re-registration for research takes place automatically as part of the progression process. Please contact the Research Degrees Unit| for more information about research re-registration.

For details on registering for courses, please visit the Course Registration| pages.