Course choice

If you following a taught programme you are required to take the a certain number of courses each year as prescribed by your programme regulations - this is normally the equivalent of four full units per year. 

Normally courses will comprise of a lecture and class or seminar group, but this varies depending on the course with some courses offering practical sessions, group work, workshops, field work etc.

Programme Regulations

You can find out what courses are compulsory and what options are available by browsing the programme regulations for your programme.  Programme Regulations are published in the Calendar. The regulations are normally published in September for the following academic year.

How to choose courses

You can choose your courses using LSE for You. All course choices are subject to approval from the relevant department, availability and timetabling constraints.

For more specific guidance about how to make your course choices, please select from the following options

Undergraduate (including General Course)



Start of Year Course Choice Drop-Ins

At the beginning of each Academic Year there will be drop-in sessions in the Student Services Centre to help with course choice troubleshooting. 

This year the drop-ins will start Wednesday 20 September 2017 and will be every week day 3.00pm to 4.00pm in the Student Services Centre. The drop-ins will run until 09 October 2017, when course choice closes.


For details on viewing the master timetable to help make your course choices and avoid clashes please see the Timetables web pages.

Personal timetables will be available in LSE for You at specific times at the beginning of each term.