Undergraduate Course Changes

Course Changes

To change a course during the Michaelmas Term, select the 'course selection' option  in LFY, click on the 'change' button adjacent to the course you wish to change and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Students will need to make changes by the deadlines stated on the course choice web page.

Please note that when you change a course, your personal timetable in LFY will not update immediately, as new personal timetables are generated at specific times.

Late Course Changes

If, for exceptional reasons, you need to make any amendments to your course choice after the deadline, including changes to Lent Term half units, then you will need to complete the a 'Late Course Change' form and arrange for it to be singed by the new course leader and your Departmental Tutor. 

The form can be downloaded and printed or collected from the forms area, near the windows, in the Student Services Centre. Once completed the form should be returned to the Student Services Centre for processing. Forms are usually processed within five working days of receipt. 

Class Group Changes

Undergraduate classes are automatically allocated centrally by the Student Services Centre via timetabling software.

Students may only request to change timetabled classes in exceptional circumstances and a number of departments have restricted class changes for practical reasons.

You can apply to change class group on LFY by selecting the option 'Change Class Group' which appears within the 'Selection of Courses' tab.  You must include all relevant dates and times in your request e.g. if your class change request is due to a recurring medical appointment, please list all days and times that you cannot make.

All requests to change class group must be approved by the Departmental Tutor of the department responsible for teaching the course.  You may be asked to provide documentary evidence to support your request (such as proof of medical appointments), so please consult your departmental website regarding what is required in making a class change request before submitting the request online. 

If your request is approved, an email confirmation will be sent to your LSE email address on behalf of the Departmental Tutor.  The revised class details will be posted on your personal LFY timetable within three working days. 

Class sizes are carefully monitored. For this reason, you must attend the class to which you have been allocated, and is shown on your personal timetable.  Even if you request a class change, you must continue to attend the class to which you were originally allocated until your change is authorised. A warning email is automatically generated if a student is marked absent from two consecutive classes. Your class teacher will advise you if your name does not appear on his/ her class register. 

While we strive to accommodate students' needs and outside obligations, we are unable to allow students to join full classes.

Transferring Programmes

If you wish to change to a different degree programme, you should comply with the requirements of your current programme, including attendance, until approval for the change has been granted. Students will not be able to select courses for their new programme until the change has been updated on the LFY online course choice system.