Content insurance

Insurance cover for your belongings should be arranged if you are staying in the UK for some time. 12 month policies are designed for students and may cover your personal possessions, money and documents, as well as medical expenses and personal liability.  Students in halls may be insured already.  Visit the FAQ's section on the Accommodation website for further details.

Several companies arrange special policies for students. Endsleigh Insurance, in association with UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs), has developed a personal possessions policy for students and a policy specifically for overseas students studying in the UK.  Barclays Bank also offers a personal possessions policy for students.

Health insurance

For information on health insurance, see Health information for new students.

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Travel insurance

Please do not forget that if you are an overseas student travelling abroad you will need to buy travel and health insurance. Students who will travel outside the UK during their studies are also urged to purchase travel insurance.  Policies can differ, though often will cover for lost or stolen possessions, or for medical care. International students in particular should be careful to purchase travel insurance that is appropriate for their circumstances, and not a standard policy for a UK citizen. LSE is not able to recommend an insurer. However, some students have selected policies as follows.

Endsleigh Insurance Travel Policies

STA Travel Insurance