Previous scholarship recipients

LSE Postgraduate Programme Scholar

The first time I saw the scholarship email from the Financial Support Office, I could not move my feet. All I could say then was that 'the dream is now a reality'. Going through the three terms at LSE, my thoughts have changed and my aspirations have been well defined. The lecturers were intelligent and engaging, the students were interactive and sociable and the LSE events brought me closer to renowned scholars, presidents and policy makers. I am very grateful to the School for the opportunity given me to study in one of the best universities in the world.   
Lewis Abedi Asante – MSc Urbanisation and Development (2010)

Stelios Scholar

With this scholarship I've been given the opportunity to actually make something of myself. I doubt I would even be here had it not been for that overwhelming act of generosity. But because I am, younger cousins of mine are now taught by their parents to aspire to be like me, to go to university and try and make something of themselves. Making your family proud elicits a great deal of satisfaction for any individual, who like me, has seen their parents sweat and toil to give you everything that they didn't have. The scholarship has delighted my entire family to no end and for that reason I could not be more thankful.
Mikesh Vora - BSc Economics (2009)

LSE Graduate Merit Award and Michael Peacock Scholar

I am very proud to have the opportunity to study here. Here I've had the chance to meet in person and discuss contemporary issues with professors, whose articles I read and admired before even dreaming of being accepted to the LSE. I highly respect my professors and other students and equally benefit from all of them. Everything that I have achieved so far was only possible thanks to individuals and foundations that believed in my ability to make a difference in this world.
Nodira Inoyatova - MSc Development Management (2008)

ICAP Scholar 

I still remember the afternoon I found out that I was to be the recipient of the ICAP scholarship. Without any exaggeration, it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It's not every day that a girl who grew up on the plains of Athi River in Kenya finds out she is about to move to London, attend one of the most prestigious universities in the whole world and receive scholarship support to help pay for it, truly the kind of stuff dreams are made of! It has always been my intention to get the best education possible so that when I return home, I can be better equipped to serve my community and my country and this scholarship has enabled me to work towards achieving this...I know I owe so much to Michael Spencer, I feel like he has impacted my life in more ways other than just providing financial support. I want to make sure that he is confident in this investment, to make sure that I can spread the good that has been so selflessly been shown to me.
Yvonne Maingey - LLB (2009)

Nodira Inoyatova, Mikesh Vora and Yvonne Maingey
Nodira Inoyatova, Mikesh Vora and Yvonne Maingey

Olive Stone Scholar

Even though I have never had a chance to know Ms. Stone in person, I immensely respect her vision and her concerns.  As a female lawyer, she devoted most of her passion and efforts to making the society she lived in become a better one.  I cannot properly thank Ms. Stone enough.  I know without her kindest support, it would not have been possible for me to come to LSE where I am lucky enough to rediscover my motivation to study law and appreciate the real meaning of education. 
Chih-Hsing Ho - PhD Law

Anthony Giddens Scholar 

Being surrounded by some of the brightest young minds from all over the world, has established my time at the LSE so far as the most important and impacting period of my life. The Anthony Giddens Scholarship, of which I am a recipient, has made a tantamount difference to my life as a student, and as a result to my personal development. Immediately one appreciates the healthy financial investments a student makes with such funds on books, literature, trips, seminar's etc. However, this in isolation does not conclude one's LSE experience. We here as students are fortunate to be able to take part in fantastic shows, plays, charity events, national celebrations etc, to its maximum. The scholarship opens up a world where you no longer see boundaries and limitations, but grow and expand as a person and a student.
Bilal Baloch - BSc Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Knowledge (2009)

PJD Wiles Scholar

I would really like to thank all donors for investing in all of us and giving us the chance to learn and grow at such a top institution.  Education is the best asset anyone can have and the best means of empowering all of us to give back to our countries and to our world.  And I do wish that in the coming years more and more countries will be included in the LSE scholarship schemes to make world-class education more accessible to a wider range of people. Being at the LSE provides a unique opportunity to make friends from - literally - all over the world.  I doubt that there is an academic institution that can be more diverse than the LSE.  And I am forever lucky to have such a diverse group of friends.
Dalia Ghanem - MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (2007)

Peter Bence Scholar

Without hyperbole I can say it is probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't know if I'd be here without it. what I want to say is that this scholarship has really changed my life. But it hasn't just done that. I believe it will change my children's lives and their children's and so on. Not only that, but I hope and intend to work toward having the ability in twenty years time to look back on my life and career and say that I have achieved something actual, something concrete that has made this world a better place for people to live in. The driving force behind this will always be my debt to Peter Bence, my gratitude for his generosity and the school's faith that I am a worthy recipient of it.
Emma Cardwell - BSc Environmental Policy (2009)

 Emma Cardwell
Emma Cardwell