LSE scholarships

Each year the LSE awards a number of scholarships - funded by private or corporate donation - to Home UK/EU applicants to the School. The number, value, eligibility criteria and type of awards vary from year to year. In some cases, the Financial Support Office only becomes aware of the establishment of an award shortly before the start of an academic year. Awards are made on the basis of financial need and academic merit.

How to apply

To make an application for any of the LSE scholarships listed in the table below, please complete an application form and return it to the Financial Support Office. You must include an academic reference, in a sealed envelope, with your application. 

We have provided some information for referees

The deadline for the receipt of applications in the Financial Support Office is 01 June 2016.

You will be automatically considered for all the scholarships for which you are eligible by completing and submitting an application form. It is therefore only necessary to complete one application form, regardless of how many awards you would like to be considered for.

We do not consider scholarship applications from candidates who have selected LSE as their insurance place.

Scholarships for 2016

New scholarships will become available during the course of the admissions cycle. We recommend you check this website on a regular basis.

LSE UG Scholarships



Number of
Awards in


Kadas Scholarship

£15,000 per year


Home EU students from specific countries.

More information on the Kadas Scholarship

Peter Bence Scholarship

£8,000 per year


UK over 25 years old. The fund is for mature students only

Goldman Sachs - Simon Morris Scholarships

Fees plus £6,000 per year


Any Home UK applicant. More information on the Goldman Sachs Simon Morris Scholarships

Sir Stelios Scholarship

Fees plus £11,000 per year


Students from the UK, Greece, and Cyprus. More informaton on the Sir Stelios ScholarshipsSir Stelios Scholarships

Stuart Lewis Scholarship

£10,000 per year


Any Home UK applicant. More infomation on the Stuart Lewis Scholarship