Department of Anthropology

To apply for any of these awards, you must be a continuing student, please complete the LSE Postgraduate Research Scholarship form and submit it to the Financial Support Office by, closing date to be confirmed, together with a covering letter stating which awards you are applying for and briefly outlining your current work. You should also state briefly your reasons for applying for particular studentships, noting any special factors which you think should be taken into account.

To be considered for the Gell Studentship your letter must include a statement about your fieldwork (start and end date, main focus of the research and main findings).

Any student applying for the Research Studentship Scheme will automatically be considered for the Malinowski Grant.

For the Firth Award your letter must include a statement about your research and, if relevant, how your work relates to the anthropology of household management and domestic affairs.  

Selection for the awards takes place at the end of the Summer Term.

Alfred Gell Studentship

An award to an outstanding PhD student who has completed their fieldwork in the previous academic session. The value is £5000 and is not renewable. The Studentship is selected on the basis of merit and financial need, and is not available to students holding ESRC studentships or other studentships of a similar value.

Malinowski Memorial Grants

Grants from the Malinowski Memorial Fund are given every year to post-fieldwork students registered for the PhD in the Department of Anthropology. The maximum award is £1000. The awards are made in honour of Bronislaw Malinowski, one of the founding fathers of modern social anthropology, who taught at the LSE for many years.

Rosemary and Raymond Firth Award

Selected on the basis of merit and financial need, the objective of this award is to commemorate Rosemary Firth's interest in the anthropology of household management and domestic affairs, although work upon related anthropological themes may also be supported. Applications are accepted from registered PhD students in the department and from those who have submitted their doctoral dissertations within the previous 12 months. The award has a value of up to £3000 and is not renewable.