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Financial problems

Students who are having difficulty paying their fees on time for any reason should contact the Fees office, where a member of staff will provide advice on what to do. Staff at the Fees office can be reached by email: fees@lse.ac.uk|. or face to face at the daily drop-in at the Student Services Centre, see Drop-in sessions| for times.

See the Finance Division's Fees Office| web pages for more details.

The Students' Union Advice and Support Service| can offer students advice and guidance on a range of issues, including budgeting, financial assistance and employment.

Loans and hardship funds

The School has funds available to help some students financially. Eligibility for financial assistance depends on the student's circumstances. For more information see the Financial Support Office|.

The Students' Union Advice and Support Service| administers some separate funds for students facing financial difficulties, including a disabled students fund, a fund for students with child care costs, a fund for women who unexpectedly become pregnant, an asylum seekers fund, a re-sits fund, a medical costs fund and a council tax fund.