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Rate your Bank

The Student Services Centre is conducting research into LSE students' experiences of opening a UK student bank account. 

We'd love to hear from you about how easy you found it to open and operate your student bank account, plus your overall satisfaction with your chosen bank. You can take the survey by pressing on the button below (opens a new window).

Start Survey

Thank you for taking the time to rate your bank, we really appreciate your feedback and think that future students will find this information very helpful.


Why are we running this survey?
The information gathered in the survey will help us to improve the information we give to new students at We want to be able to let new students know what other students think of their bank but also what extra documentation they might need and whether the standard LSE offer or bank letter is suitable.

How is the survey operated?
The survey uses Qualtrics technology which is used by over 3000 universities around the world. The survey is completely anonymous and cannot be linked back to you in any way. 

How long will the survey take?
The survey should take about five minutes. The survey is set up so that it only asks relevant questions to minimise how much time you need to spend completing it.

When does the survey close?
The survey was opening in early 2016 and will run until 1 August 2017. After this the SSC team will collate the responses and publish them at There was insufficient date to publish any responses for Welcome Week 2016. 

How can I get help opening a student bank account?
If you're struggling to open a bank account, please email the Welcome Week team and we'll do our best to help.