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Who's who at Rosebery Hall|




Who's who at Rosebery Hall

Pastoral care and warden team

We are here to provide pastoral care and deal with discipline issues within the hall. We work closely with residence staff to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all students.

LSE offers many services to assist students. Financial support, study and exam skills workshops, a well-being office and a variety of counselling services. If you are unsure about who to talk to or what's available, please ask us and we will point you in the right direction.

The warden team also works closely with the student hall committee to provide a diverse and exciting mix of events and activities at the hall. Do get involved as much as possible, especially during the first few weeks of term.

We strongly encourage you to abide by the LSE regulations and guidelines for living in LSE halls. The Student Halls Handbook contains all the information about disciplinary procedures, including the types of activities that are inappropriate and their consequences, such as fines and possible expulsion from the hall. See: Student Halls Handbook|



Warden, Julie McCandless

Julie is a lecturer in medical and family law at LSE.

In the first instance, for any concern of a personal nature, students are asked to contact the subwardens as detailed below.   

Concerns and complaints related to rooms, facilities and services should be made to the reception desk in person or by email (see 'How to contact us' on the left).



To contact the subwardens in general, please email:|

Overnight during the week and throughout the weekend, to speak to the duty subwarden urgently, please visit or call reception. 

If you would prefer to speak to a male or female subwarden, please use their personal email addresses below.


Subwarden, John Collins
Contact details:|


Yuhua Chen

Subwarden, Yuhua Chen
Contact details:|

Henrietta Zeffert

Subwarden, Henrietta Zeffert
Contact details:|



Subwarden, Rajat Kochhar
Contact details:|




Contact details: Rosebery Hall, Tel: +44 (0)20 7107 5850,|

Stéphane Bitty, Amir Deng, Andrew Hughes, Michael Terrington, Sevilay Erdogan, Ludmila Monakova and Rachael Nyanamany are looking after the day to day reception and administration services at Rosebery Hall.

They are a friendly bunch who will gladly help out with any of your questions. They are certainly the right people to ask about the local nightlife; no need to say any more!

Reception never closes so night security is looked after by a team of security guards.


Rosa Gil

Front of house manager, Rosa Gil
Rosa is responsible for the day-to-day co-ordination of the residence and the administration team. She will be your first point of call for facilities issues. She is living on-site and has a lot of experience of the building and the local area.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5838,|


Service manager, Richard Anderson 
Richard oversees the running of three residences - Rosebery, Bankside, and Butlers Wharf.
Day to day enquiries should be directed in the first instance to Rosa Gil, the front of house manager who oversees the day to day operations at Rosebery.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5833,|



To report a fault, complete the online maintenance report form|.

We have a team of three people looking after the maintenance of the hall: Tony, Philip and Alan. This team deals with any situation from blocked sinks to changing light bulbs. Now how many LSE maintenance people does it take to change a light bulb?


The housekeeping team has a wealth of experience of looking after and cleaning the hall. They all work hard, and you can help them by keeping your environment clean and by using the bins and recycling facilities provided in the hall.


In the kitchen we have the team of Alan and his chefs. You will meet the servers on a daily basis: Noreen, Eyob and Christian. These guys work seven days a week to provide students with tasty and healthy dinners. They are always willing to listen to your comments and suggestions, so if you fancy a Mexican night, just ask!

Chef's quote: 'Countless numbers of people have eaten from this kitchen and gone on to lead normal lives'.

Meet your student hall committee

Besides carrying out our constitutional roles we are all very friendly and approachable, and more than willing to help you settle into our homely and fun-loving environment by going the extra mile.

As a committee we are faced with several diverse tasks. These tasks all revolve around and coincide with one goal, a goal that each and every committee (past and definitely present) aim to achieve: making your time at Rosebery memorable while providing you with value for the money you pay as a contribution to the social life of Rosebery.

The committee is an open-minded representative body that is elected to not only represent but more importantly fight for the needs of the Rosebery society. We are in charge of hosting and organising parties and barbecues, movie nights, pub crawls and walks and excursions to various (cultural or not quite so) venues.

The social committee is open to any suggestion of social and athletic activities from everybody and, more importantly, is at all times prepared to deliberate on any issue that a resident would like to raise. 

Committee members 2014-15

The student hall committee consists of the following positions: President, secretary, treasurer, events organiser, international students' officer, environment and sustainability officer, community and support officer (female) and community and support officer (male). Postgraduate residents are in some years represented by the postgraduate officer.


President, Annie Burgess

Chairs the committee meetings and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the committee. Also represents the residential community of the hall to the warden team, the Residences User Group and the LSE Student's

Contact details:|



Secretary, Nick (Haozhou) Qui

Responsible for the general administration of the committee. This includes tasks such as minute taking and committee’s communications.

Contact details:|



Treasurer, Huynh Son Do

Takes care of the money - writing cheques, keeping accounts, maintaining the bank account and approving expenditure.

Contact details:|



Events organiser, Robert Funnell

Social activities are the focus of the committee and reflect the diverse interests of the residential community. The event officer plans and publicises events with the help of all committee colleagues.

Contact details:|


International Students' officer, Nathan Qin

Helps to  make sure everyone feels at home, especially international students. Promotes an inclusive, supportive and respectful sense of community within the hall.

Contact details:|



Environment and Sustainability officer, Simon Tawfic 

Helps to improve Rosebery's use of the world's resources. Works to implement plans of action that both have a positive impact on the environment, and hopefully get the Resident's involved too.

Contact details:|


Postgraduate officer, Jonell Yablonski

Represents the needs and preferences of the postgraduate community to the committee, publicises postgraduate focussed events taking place on campus and organises postgraduate events in the hall.

Contact details:|



Community and Support officer (Female), Rochelle Silva

Helping to ensure that women's issues are handled with due consideration, lending a supportive ear if you have any problems that you need to talk about, and making sure that all residents feel happy and supported.

Contact details:|


Picture of Michael George Broad

Community and Support officer (Male), Michael George Broad

Focusses on issues that guys have at Rosebery, whether it is personal or something that impedes their welfare at the halls, making sure all residents feel happy and supported.

Contact details:|



Not sure who to contact?

For general information about living at the hall, eg insurance or paying your accommodation fees, visit: Information for current hall residents|

To report a maintenance fault, complete the maintenance report form|.

For queries about your accommodation fees, contact:|  

Select 'Wardens' for help with: pastoral care, discipline or to get authorisation for guests staying longer than three nights.

Select 'Services' for: day to day operations, catering, facilities or contract queries.

Select 'Student committee': to see who is organising the social events in your hall.