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House rules, facilities and arrangements at Rosebery Hall

The information on this page covers local additions to the Student Halls Handbook

Bicycle storage

Bike racks are available in the Myddelton Wing car park area. We strongly recommend that you insure your bike against theft and vandalism as the standard insurance policy does not provide cover against the theft or damage of bicycles. Please contact your reception team for further detailsAsk at reception for a key to the back door. For key charges, refer to the Student Halls Handbook.


Evening meal times and menu suggestions


Evening meals are served Monday to Friday, and Sundays during term-time, from 6pm to 8pm. Brunch is served on a Saturday from 11 am to 1 pm. Menus change daily. Seven meals are included in your rent.


We welcome your menu suggestions – You can bring along your favourite recipes, make requests or help the catering team to organise theme nights.




Gatherings in the canteen – ground rules set by the warden

The Rosebery canteen is a multi-purpose space used for eating, studying and socialising. To ensure the space can cater for these diverse activities, residents must adhere to the following ‘ground rules’ when using the canteen.



1- Approval for ‘large’ gatherings

Gatherings involving a large number of residents (over 20) is deemed to be an ‘event’. In such cases, residents must obtain the warden’s permission, in writing, one week prior to the event taking place. Email the warden. For contact details visit: Who’s who at Rosebery Hall



2- Non-Rosebery students

Non-Rosebery students can only attend gatherings if they are signed-in by a resident. Each resident is permitted a maximum of two guests before 11pm, and one guest after 11pm. 


You are responsible for the actions of your guest. Non-Rosebery students are not permitted to hold gatherings in the canteen without the written permission of the warden.


3- Noise

Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times. This means that the gathering should not disturb other residents such that they cannot study or sleep. Any gathering beyond 11pm must abide by the ‘silence hours’ rules.



4 - Cleaning-up

All residents involved in the gathering are responsible for cleaning the canteen space as soon as the gathering has ended. Cleaning-up means:

All bottles, cans, boxes, cups, crisp packets, etc are placed in the bins provided

All tables and chairs are cleaned with a cloth and spray and then returned to their original positions

Any spills on the Canteen floor are cleaned using the mop and bucket provided.


Rosebery will provide a supply of bins, rubbish bags, paper towels, spray bottles, mops and buckets in the canteen for residents to use. Please notify reception if any of these products need replenishing.


5 - Directions from subwardens and security staff

All residents must abide by directions given by security staff and subwardens, particularly in relation to lowering the noise level and cleaning up rubbish. If you feel you have been treated inappropriately or in an unfair manner, please make a complaint to the warden.


Students who do not follow these guidelines will face disciplinary action.


Dr Mathijs Pelkmans

Warden, Rosebery Hall

September 2015


Snack point kitchens

Snack points are located on each floor, shared between around 24 students.

They are equipped with basic cookers, microwaves, toasters, kettles and fridges. Please note there is no oven.

You have 24 hour access to prepare breakfast, snacks or light meals as and when you wish.

For guidelines on snack point use, refer to your Student Halls Handbook

Vending machines

Vending machines are located outside the dining room. You can purchase snacks and hot / cold beverages 24 hours a day.

Cleaning and room inspections

Cleaning your room 
You are responsible for keeping your room clean and tidy.  Housekeeping staff will clean communal toilets, showers, kitchens and common areas.

Help us to avoid health hazards such as pests by not leaving food, dirty plates or mugs etc out in your room or in the communal areas. 

Snack points

These will be cleaned daily by housekeeping staff. Any crockery or cookware that is left on the benches or in the sinks will be removed by housekeeping staff, to allow them to clean the area properly. 


Room inspections
Your room will be inspected in the middle of each term to check for cleanliness. Notice of inspections will be given and you do not need to be present in the room at the time.

More information on cleaning is in your Student Halls Handbook




Access to vacuum cleaners

To borrow a vacuum cleaner, visit reception.

You will need to present your LSE ID card, which reception will make a note of until the vacuum cleaner is returned.

Please always take the vacuum cleaner back to reception straight after use.



Complaints about administrative and reception procedures should be made to the front of house manager. Visit: Who’s who at Rosebery Hall

Complaints about subwardens and hall management should be made to the warden.
Visit: Who’s who at Rosebery Hall

Complaints about the warden should be made to the Head of Residential Life.Visit: Who's who in Residential Services

Suggestions should be emailed to the front of house manager, subwardens or the warden.




Computer room

Situated near the canteen in the basement, the computer room is equipped with PCs and a laser printer. The computers are connected to the LSE network and have access to LSE email, internet and applications on the LSE network.

  • The computer room is a quiet study area and noise should be kept to a minimum.
  • Eating or drinking is not permitted in the room at any time.
  • For paper replacement, please ask at the Rosebery reception.
  • Any faults with the equipment should be reported to the IT-helpdesk on campus.  


Drinking water

Kitchen taps are the only designated sources for drinking water at Rosebery Hall. You should refrain from drinking water from any other tap.

Water fountains with chilled drinking water can be found in the canteen and the reception area.



Fire alarm testing time

The fire alarm is tested every Wednesday at 12 noon.
You will hear the alarm sound for a short period of time, and you do not need to evacuate during the alarm test.

Should the alarm sound longer than a few seconds, please treat this as a genuine alarm.



Guest policy

Please follow the procedure as it helps us to keep us all safe and secure. 

  • Your guests will only be admitted if you meet them at the reception desk and signs them in.
  • The name of your guest, as well as your own name must be entered in the guest book.
  • Any non-resident found in the hall, whose name does not appear properly in the guest book, will be asked to leave the building immediately.
  • You are held responsible for the actions of your guests. For example, if your guest causes damage to the Residence, you will be liable for the cost of repair; if your guest disturbs other residents, you will be the subject of any subsequent disciplinary action.


Overnight guests

  • If you live in a single room, you can accommodate one guest overnight for up to three nights.
  • If you live in a shared room, you need the prior approval of your roommate in order to receive a guest, the limit being one per resident for up to three nights.
  • If you plan to receive guests for longer than three consecutive nights, you must seek permission from the warden, by e-mail, at least one week in advance of the guest's arrival.


Keys, swipe cards and security

You will be supplied with two keys:

  • a study bedroom key that also opens the hall entrance door, and 
  • a mailbox cupboard key. 

Your signature must confirm the receipt of the keys when you arrive at the hall. Should you leave during the vacation periods, both keys must be handed back to reception and signed for.


If you lose one of the keys, you will be charged for its replacement. Report lost bedroom keys to reception immediately, so we can issue you with a new key. For key replacement charges, see: Student Halls Handbook

Important: Do not have any spare keys cut yourself, as this constitutes a serious breach of the hall's security. 

Front door proximity card system

  • Please register your student ID-card at the reception within the first few days of your arrival at Rosebery Hall.
  • Always use your card to gain access to the premises and refrain from using the buzzer, as this compromises the security of all residents and staff.
  • Please check that the front door closes behind you when they enter or leave the hall, especially when the reception is closed. 
  • Please do not let strangers into the hall. If residents suspect there is an intruder in the hall they should immediately contact reception.

Mail and parcels

Your mail address is as follows:

Your name (underline your family name)

Room Number

LSE Rosebery Hall of Residence

90 Rosebery Avenue

London, EC1R 4TY


Regular mail, including periodicals are placed alphabetically in the mailboxes in the entrance lobby.


These mail items are retained in reception until collected by the addressees:

  • registered letters or parcels, the receipt of which must be acknowledged by signature
  • oversize parcels
  • faxes

Check the board behind reception daily for your room number, as this is how we notify you of any retained items.



Lost property

If you have lost an item, contact reception who will check the log for items that were handed in. 
  • Items not claimed after 12 weeks will be discarded. 
  • If you find an item on hall premises please hand it in at reception. 

Reception opening hours

During term-time the reception is open:

Monday to Sunday 8.00 am-9.30 pm (last payments accepted at 8.30pm).

Reception deals with fax transmissions, registered mail, key replacements and general enquiries.

When the reception is closed, a security officer will staff the reception.



Recycling and energy saving

  • Recycling boxes are located in the kitchens. 
  • Other items, such as batteries, ink cartridges, mobile phones and stamps can also be recycled. Contact reception for information.
  • We run a re-use scheme towards the end of the academic year. You will be able to leave you unwanted items in a designated area, from where they will be collected for re-use.

If you have any questions about other items, please contact reception.

Beds with a second mattress


A number of student rooms have beds with an extra frame and mattress rolled underneath and padlocked.

Please do not unlock these beds, as they are only used for commercial guests during the vacation periods.




Rosebery Hall is entirely non-smoking.

This includes the bar area, the garden, your room, the fire escapes, outside bar area and the fifth floor fire escape connecting the Myddelton west and and east wings.

If you wish to smoke you will need to exit the residence.


TV lounge and bar TV

The TV lounge is situated near the dining room in the basement. Students normally have access to the area at any time, except when it is occasionally booked for specific functions during the day.

An additional TV is located in the canteen.