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Edward VII Rooms
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Warden's welcome to Northumberland House

Chandran KukathasWelcome to Northumberland House in the heart of London.
It doesn’t get more central than this. Situated between Trafalgar Square and the Thames, Northumberland is ideally located to enjoy the many sides of London life.

The National Gallery and Green Park are a few minutes away, as are the many cinemas, clubs, theatres, pubs and restaurants of Soho and Covent Garden. Equally important, the LSE campus is only a ten-minute walk away along the Strand.

Northumberland House offers rooms to both undergraduates and postgraduates and is self-catering. It is run on a day-to-day basis by the house manager and reception team, who are responsible that the building and its facilities are safe and sound.

As warden I represent the LSE at Northumberland and am responsible for ensuring that it provides a safe and pleasant social environment where you will feel at home. In this role I am assisted by three experienced subwardens who will often be your first point of contact in case of an emergency or welfare issue. Together with the student committee and the hall staff we will endeavour to make your stay at Northumberland House and the LSE an enjoyable and productive one.

I am convinced that your time as a member of the Northumberland House community will contribute positively to your experience of studying at a world class university in the heart of one of the most exciting and inspiring cities.

To find out more about the warden's team, student committee and hall staff, visit: Who's who at Northumberland House
Warden Professor Chandran Kukathas