Who's who at High Holborn


Warden and subwarden pastoral support

Chandran Kukathas

Warden, Professor Chandran Kukathas

Chandran is the most senior member of LSE at High Holborn and is responsible for welfare and discipline within the residence.

He is ultimately responsible for ensuring your stay here is a happy and safe one.

Contact details: c.kukathas@lse.ac.uk


Warden - Statement of Responsibilities [PDF]



A team of three experienced subwardens assist the warden, who with the student committee and the hall staff, will endeavour to make your stay at High Holborn and LSE an enjoyable and productive one. 

The subwardens live in the hall and are here to attend to pastoral matters including noise related grievances, disagreements between residents and resident injury or illness. 

There is one subwarden on duty every night of the week and overnight on the weekend. If you would like to speak to the subwarden on duty, please contact reception either in person at the front desk.

Subwarden, Ms Chiara Arnavas
Contact details: c.arnavas@lse.ac.uk

Jiazhi Fengjiang

Subwarden, Ms Jiazhi Fengjiang
Contact details: j.fengjiang@lse.ac.uk



Subwarden, Mr Errikos Diamantopoulos
Contact details: e.diamantopoulos@lse.ac.uk

Weiguan Wang

Subwarden, Mr Weiguan Wang

Contact details: w.wang34@lse.ac.uk 


High Holborn has an approachable and friendly management team, who aim to be responsive to your needs, offer support, or deal with any issues that may arise during your stay. The team is committed to providing a friendly face and high level of customer satisfaction to the 450 residents of High Holborn Hall.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5737 or email high.holborn@lse.ac.uk


Nathan Freeborn

Receptionist, Nathan Freeborn

You will find Nathan and the High Holborn reception, where he'll be able to help you with your queries about life at the hall.

Contact details: high.holborn@lse.ac.uk



Front of house manager, Katarina Selmoun

As Front of House Manager at High Holborn, Katarina is responsible for  the administrative, reception, Front of House and day to day management of the hall.

Contact details +44 (0)20 7107 5712, k.selmoun@lse.ac.uk

Sarah Jons

Service manager, Sarah Jons

As service manager, Sarah heads the High Holborn, Grosvenor and Northumberland House teams and is committed to the provision of high-quality facilities and excellent customer service to students and visitors.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5710, s.jons@lse.ac.uk 


Maintenance and facilities

Bally Nandra

Facilities manager, Bally Nandra

Bally is responsible for all the maintenance and facilities of High Holborn.  

Contact details: b.nandra@lse.ac.uk


Elias Daoud

Maintenance engineer, Elias Daoud

Contact details: e.daoud@lse.ac.uk


IT support officer

Kevin Brett

IT support office, Kevin Brett

Support for all halls is provided by Kevin, our full time IT support officer. To contact him, speak to reception or call or email the IT Help Desk, who'll forward your query to him. He's visiting each hall twice a week. You can reach him via the IT helpdesk




Student hall committee welcome

Welcome to High Holborn, the most popular of LSE halls. Our student committee is elected every year in the Michaelmas term to look after your interests as a resident here.

We organise social events, and naturally, we want to help you get what you want. Your suggestions are key to our success as a committee in making the High Holborn experience a truly unforgettable one.

Committee members 2016-17

If there is anything you would like to discuss with your committee, or find out more about social events and activities, look at the list below for the best person to speak to. Although the committee members have their own areas of responsibility, they all work together, particularly in the organising of social events.

President, Yukari Takehisa 

The president of the committee chairs the committee meetings and is responsible for the overall running of the committee. The president also represents the residents of the hall with the hall administration, the LSESU and the Residences User Group.

Contact details: y.takehisa@lse.ac.uk


Secretary, Saskia Bunte

The secretary is responsible for the administration of the committee. This includes tasks such as minute taking and communicating with the residents of the hall.

Contact details: s.a.bunte@lse.ac.uk


Treasurer,  Chris Dann

You can imaging what the treasurer does - taking care of the money. Writing cheques, keeping accounts, maintaining the bank account and approving purchases are the main responsibilities of the treasurer.

Contact details: c.m.dann@lse.ac.uk


International students' officer, Derek Fanucci

The international students' officer is in place to represent the needs and preferences of the international community at High Holborn.

Contact details: d.v.fanucci@lse.ac.uk


Events organiser, Usman Jang

Social activities are a focus of the committee's activities. The events organises is responsible for planning, organising and publicising events with the help of the committee colleagues.

Contact details: u.m.jang@lse.ac.uk


Events organiser, Khung Thay Liu

Social activities are a focus of the committee's activities. The events organiser is responsible for planning, organising and publicising events with the help of the committee colleagues.

Contact details: k.liu11@lse.ac.uk


Environmental officer, Ben Burckhardt

Contact details: b.e.burckhardt@lse.ac.uk


General Course officer, Logan Lofto

Contact details: l.m.lofto@lse.ac.uk



Not sure who to contact?

For general information about living at the hall, visit: Information for current hall residents

To report a maintenance fault, complete the Maintenance fault report form.

For queries about your accommodation fees, contact: residences.fees@lse.ac.uk

Select 'Warden' for help with:  pastoral care, discipline or to get authorisation for guests staying longer than three nights.

Select 'Services' for: day to day operations, catering, facilities or contract queries.

Select 'Student committee': to see who is organising the social events in your hall