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House rules, facilities and arrangements at High Holborn Residence

To help you make the most of your stay, we have collated information specific to High Holborn. This includes local additions to the common house rules and information about hall specific facilities and services. General information is included in your Student Halls Handbook.

Basement common room

The High Holborn common room in the basement is the perfect location to meet, play pool, table tennis, watch TV and relax.

Cleaning and rubbish

Communal areas are cleaned daily. Kitchens are cleaned once a week only. You are responsible for cleaning your own room.Please note that you still need to wash your own dishes and keep the kitchen tidy. 


Put the rubbish from your room into bin liners, tie it up and place it into the bins in your flat kitchen. It will be collected by housekeeping staff daily Mon-Fri. If you need to throw away broken glass or sharp objects, please do not place them into the bags, but contact reception for safe disposal. On weekends, contact reception before taking anything to the ground floor. Security will then arrange for the rear exit door to the rubbish area to be opened. Do not leave rubbish outside your room or in corridors.



Complaints and feedback

  • Complaints about administrative and reception procedures should be made to the residence supervisor. See ‘Who’s who at High Holborn’
  • Complaints about security, cleaning or maintenance services should be made to the reception in the first instance. See the ‘contact us’ box on the left.
  • Complaints about subwardens should be made to the warden. See ‘Who’s who at High Holborn’
  • All other complaints should be directed to the service manager. See ‘Who’s who at High Holborn’



Computer room

The computer room offers 10 PCs and a laser printer on the lower ground floor. The computers are connected to the LSE network, the internet, LSE email and other applications. Eating or drinking is not permitted in the room at any time.



Drinking water

The cold taps in each flat kitchen are the hall's only designated sources of drinking water. You should avoid drinking water drawn from any other taps in the hall.

Fire alarm testing

The fire alarms are tested at 11am every Monday morning.

It is likely to be a test, if you hear a short sound of the alarm during around this time.

If the alarm goes on for longer, please evacuate the building as you would for an alarm at any other time.



Fire alarm - note for students with disabilities

Special arrangements are in place to aid your safe exit from the building, but we need to know of your specific needs and also your presence at the time of any given evacuation.

You can alert reception at any time, by activating the disabled call points in your room (M01, M36, 101, 136 only), or in any lift lobby.



Guests and visitors

Signing in your visitors helps to keep everyone safe. A signing-in book is kept at reception. If there was an emergency evacuation, this book will be used to identify who is in the building. It is important that you fill in the log properly.

Any non-resident found in the Hall, whose name does not appear in the visitor book, will be asked to leave the building.

You are permitted one overnight guest per room without notice for a maximum of three nights.

Residents wishing to have overnight guests for more than three consecutive nights should apply to the Warden for permission via email. For more information, consult your Student Halls Handbook.



Keys and fobs

All residents receive a key to their bedroom plus a fob to open their flat door and the main entrance. Residents of flats C and F only need one type of fob to open all relevant doors.

Always use your fob to enter the building,  to help us make sure that only residents enter the building. If you lose any of your keys or fobs, please report this to reception straight away. Charges for replacement keys are listed in the Student Halls Handbook.



Laundry room

The laundry room can be found on the lower ground floor. A block of two dryers (upper and lower) shares the same coin slot. Make sure you press the selection buttons belonging to the dryer you want to use. Please report any faulty machines to reception.


Lounge area

The lounge is located on the ground floor of the building and residents have access to the area at any time of the day. The lounge area also serves the purpose of a residents' common room. It has several vending machines that sell soft drinks and candy bars.

Mail and parcels

Each flat has its own section in one of the blue metal mailboxes located on the ground floor between reception and the lounge. Your mailbox key will open your flat mailbox.


Mail addressed to you should use this format:


Your Name

Room Number (this is very important, so we can sort your mail into the correct box)
LSE High Holborn Residence

178 High Holborn


WC1V 7AA  







All mail will be placed in your flat mailbox. Anything that does not fit, eg large parcels, will be held for you at reception. If any mail for you is held at reception, we will let you know by placing a red notification slip into your flat mailbox. Always bring this slip with you when you come to collect the parcel.


Notice boards

All notices must be dated or they will be removed. Dated notices will be removed two weeks after that date. Notices advertising an event will be removed straight after the event. Notices, which must remain in place more than two weeks, should bear the words 'Not to be removed before (date)'.

Fix notices to the correct board: Hall society notices should go onto the board labelled 'Hall Society', whereas personal notices should be pinned to the 'Residents' Notices' board etc

Reception opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9am to 10pm

Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 5pm


To contact reception staff, visit the desk in the entrance lobby, call us or write us an email. For details, see ‘How to contact us’ on the left.

When the reception is closed, a security officer will be available for general enquiries but not for administrative services.


Each kitchen has a range of recycling facilities. Please see the note in your kitchen for further information, or check the green board in the lift lobby on the ground floor. Large recycling bins can be found in the outside loading bay area.

Security and safety

  • Please always use your key or fob to enter the building, and close the front door firmly behind you to prevent tailgating.
  • Keep flat entrance doors locked and always lock your room if your are going out.
  • If you think that there are any intruders in the building, contact reception immediately. This is even more important for residents in the central corridor of flats C and F, where rooms open directly onto the corridor. If items are stolen from an unlocked bedroom or flat, insurance claims will be void.

Your hall is staffed around the clock - by receptionists during the day and security guards at night. To prevent intruders, they may need to verify the identity of you or your guests. Please meet their request for proof of ID with courtesy and compliance.

Additionally, fire regulations require that no doors are propped open to prevent the spread of fire and smoke




To save water and energy, every flat has an eco shower, which is operated by a sensor and has a fixed temperature.


There are  two TV rooms on the lower ground floor, plus the big screen in the bar area. Sky TV channels are available on all of these three screens in addition to the standard Channels, BBC1 & 2, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5.

Every bedroom has a freeview  television socket. If you are bringing a TV, or plan to watch live television on any other device, you need to buy a TV licence. Visit: www.tvlicensing.co.uk




All windows at High Holborn have restricted openings.

Rooms can become warm in summer, however, under no circumstances can we, or should you, remove the window lock. If you damage the stays/locks on your windows, you will be charged with the cost of their repair or replacement. This can be very expensive, so please be careful.

Please do not throw anything out of the windows - this is highly dangerous and may cause serious injury. Residents who do throw things out of windows will be asked to leave the hall immediately.