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Tel: +44 (0)20 7107 5950
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Who's who at Grosvenor House|

Who's who at Grosvenor House

Warden and subwarden pastoral support

Chandran Kukathas

Warden, Professor Chandran Kukathas

Chandran is the most senior member of LSE at Grosvenor House and is responsible for welfare and discipline within the residence.
He is ultimately responsible for ensuring your stay here is a happy and safe one. 

Contact details:|


The warden and subwardens at Grosvenor House look after the pastoral well-being of all residents. A subwarden is on duty each night during the week and night and day during the weekend,  who can be contacted via the reception (see 'How to contact us' on the left).

To get in touch with the warden team in general, contact:|

Alternatively, contact one of the subwardens directly:


Subwarden, Gary Blank
Contact details:|




Subwarden, Corina Lacatus
Contact details:|

Roch Dunin-Wasowicz

Subwarden, Roch Dunin-Wasowicz
Contact details:|








Reception and administration

The Reception is staffed between the hours of 9am and 9pm. It is your first point of call for queries and assistance. For general contact details, see 'How to contact us' on the left.

For queries about your accommodation fees, please contact the residences fees team at|.

General enquiries:|

Receptionist, Jo Mackintosh
Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5950,|

Receptionist, Soraya Ramada
Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5950,|

Receptionist, Jay Brahach
Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5950,|

Receptionist, Elizabeth Gooby, 
Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5950,|

Receptionist, Tom Sasse
Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5950,|


Front of house manager, Roberto Del-Monte

Roberto has worked in and managed several LSE halls and his many years of experience and good humour make him an indispensable part of the team. He is a graduate of the University of Rome.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5951,|

Sarah Jons

Service manager, Sarah Jons

Sarah oversees the running of Grosvenor House, Northumberland House and High Holborn Residence. Day to day enquiries should be directed in the first instance to Roberto Del Monte who oversees the day to day running of Grosvenor House.

Contact details: +44 (0)020 7107 5745 (High Holborn Residence),|


Housekeeping and maintenance

Contract cleaners, Ocean staff
You will see them around Grosvenor House working very hard to keep the public areas clean and tidy.

To report a maintenance fault, complete the online maintenance report form|.


Contract security, Magenta staff
Magenta Security Services provide our security guards who will offer help whenever they can. Their prime responsibilities are for the security of residents and helping with urgent needs outside normal office hours. Please provide proof of residence if asked. Please note - security guards cannot handle cash, process payments, send faxes or photocopies.
Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5950 or dial '0' from your room phone

Social activities at Grosvenor House

  • The student hall committee is a body of residents elected by the residents to represent them with the hall administration, School and student union.
  • The hall committee also spend the funds raised through the common room fee. They try to do this in the best interests of all residents, usually on facilities and social events. 
  • Although the committee members have their own areas of responsibility, they all help in all areas, particularly in the organising of social events.

Committee members 2014-15

President, Cristobal Mingo

The president of the committee chairs the committee meetings and is responsible for the overall running of the committee. The president also represents the residents of the hall with the hall administration, the LSESU and the Residences User Group. Contact details:|


Treasurer, Yifei Zhang

You can imaging what the treasurer does - taking care of the money. Writing cheques, keeping accounts, maintaining the bank account and approving purchases are the main responsibilities of the treasurer.
Contact details:| 


Social secretary, Emily Waite

Social activities are a focus of the committee's activities. The social secretary is responsible for planning, organising and publicising events with the help of the committee colleagues.
Contact details:|


Welfare officer, Morgane Fouche

The welfare officer is in place primarily to refer residents with problems and concerns to the relevant services provided by LSE - the warden and his team in the hall, the Medical Centre and the LSESU.
Contact details:|



Not sure who to contact?

For general information about living at the hall, visit: Information for current hall residents|

To report a maintenance fault, complete the online maintenance report form|.  

For queries about your accommodation fees, contact:
|Select 'Warden' for help with: 'Wardens' for help with: pastoral care, discipline or to get authorisation for guests staying longer than three nights.

Select 'Services' for: day to day facilities or contract queries.

Select 'Student committee': to see who is organising the social events in your hall.