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House rules, facilities and arrangements at Carr-Saunders Hall


To help you make the most of your stay, we have collated information specific to Carr-Saunders. This includes local additions to the common house rules and information about hall specific facilities and services. More general information is available via the Related information box on the right.


Reception is open from 8 am until 10 pm Monday to Sunday, to answer your questions and queries. We also provide change for the vending machines and laundry. Outside these hours, the reception is staffed by a security officer.

Key cards and locks

Your room door is self locking. Once it is closed, it can only be opened by using the card.

To open your door, insert your card and retrieve after a few seconds. You should now hear the door mechanism unlock and the door can be opened. The lock will remain open for a few seconds, after which it re-locks. If you have any questions or trouble operating your door lock, please contact reception.


Meals times and dining room information

Catering is included as per your contract, and is served in the sixth floor dining room.

Dinner serving time: Monday-Friday 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Please return our crockery, plates and trays to the trolleys provided in the dining room, and leave the dining room half an hour after serving stops. Note: If you have special dietary requirements, please advise the warden and front of house manager in writing as soon as possible.



You will have completed an inventory for your room as soon as you moved in. All defects, missing items, etc, should have been noted. Thereafter, the rooms are inspected at the end of each term, and any defects, missing items etc, will be charged to the resident(s). If you find any defects or missing inventory items when you return after the Christmas or  Easter vacation, you must report these to reception (in writing) no later than on your second day back. Otherwise we will assume that your room is in the same state as when you left it.


Common room

Open 24 hours a day, the facilities provided in the common room include a pool table, a play station, a widescreen TV and various vending machines. Please place recycling and rubbish into the bins provided before you leave.

IT facilities

Open 24 hours a day, the computer room is located on the ground floor in the common room and can be accessed using your swipe card. If the printer is out of paper please report this to reception. For other IT related issues, contact the it-advisor: Who’s who at Carr-Saunders


Bicycle storage

You can keep your bike in our bike shed. Obtain a key from reception by making a credit/debit card deposit. This deposit will be refunded to your payment card when you return the key. Please do not chain your bike to the railings in front of the hall, and do not keep it in your room or inside the building.

We strongly recommend that you insure your bike against theft and vandalism as the standard insurance policy does not provide cover against the theft or damage of bicycles in the hall. Please contact your reception team for further details.


Storage of property

You may store one trunk, suitcase or medium sized box in our trunk room during the Easter and Christmas vacations. Here is how it works:

  • Space is limited and allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. 
  • Trunk room opening times will be posted two weeks before the end of term.
  • Pack any items securely so that they can be stacked up.
  • Plastic bags and fragile packages will not be accepted.
  • Clearly label your case with your name, room number and the date it is deposited, and also include your contact address and telephone number. Unidentifiable articles will be disposed of. 

Cleaning, laundry and kitchen use

Cleaning of communal facilities and rooms
Rooms are cleaned before the start of each term and windows annually. Bathrooms, showers, toilets, and public areas are cleaned daily. Kitchens  will be closed daily  between 10am to 12 noon for cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners
If you wish to Hoover your room, you may borrow a vacuum cleaner from reception.


The Launderette with washing machines and dryers is located on the ground floor. Please do not remove irons or ironing boards from the laundry room.


Recycling and re-use facilities

Food waste and general recycling
Food composting bins are located in each communal kitchen. Excess recycling materials or rubbish should be placed in the recycling bins at the back of the building (leave through main entrance and walk round).

Clothes recycling
Two traid bins are located in the student laundry room on the ground floor.

Book donations
Share your unwanted books. You can leave them on the book shelves in the common room for everyone to enjoy.

Ink cartridges
Can be left next to the traid bins in the student laundry on the ground floor.

Stamps, batteries, mobile phone recycling
Can be taken to reception during office hours.

Mail and parcels

General mail
Incoming mail to the hall is sorted and deposited in the mailboxes located in the common room. This is done around 1pm, depending on deliveries from the post office. A mailbox key will be issued to you at the start of the year.

Parcels and registered mail

Any parcels, registered mail or faxes will be held at reception for collection and the recipient will be notified by email. If you are waiting for any important mail, please check with reception to avoid any delays. 

No mail forwarding

Please ensure that mail does not arrive for you after your departure from the residence. We will only store your mail during the Christmas and Easter vacations. Any mail delivered after you’re gone will be returned to sender. Mail can be forwarded to a different address by Royal Mail at a cost. Contact the local post office for details, or visit royalmail.com.

Maintenance faults and repairs

Report a fault
All faults (e.g. light bulbs or blocked sinks) can be reported to reception or online, just use the 
maintenance fault form.

Help us keep Carr-Saunders in good shape

Please report all repairs/replacements, not just in your room, but also any building problems (e.g. floods, blocked toilets, etc) within the building to reception as soon as possible. We would rather have more than one person reporting the same problem than nobody reporting it at all. Please keep the affected area clear until the work is completed, as our maintenance technicians will not move your  possessions. 

Electrical items

Electrical item inventory
You will receive an electrical item inventory form when you arrive. Please list all your personal electrical items eg stereos, hair dryers or laptops. We do this to avoid the electrical circuits being overloaded. Fridges will incur an additional charge.

No electrical appliance should be used in the accommodation unless it is properly maintained, wired and connected. The School reserves the right to test any electrical item or equipment brought into the hall and to remove any item, which is deemed a possible hazard or nuisance to residents and / or staff. Please refer to your Licence Agreement. 

Fridges, bringing your own

Fridges: You can bring your own fridge, as long as it:

  • Is still under guarantee (a copy must be provided)
  • 'frost-free' or 'auto defrost'
  • measures no more that (HWD) 850mm x 550 x 600mm.

There will be a charge at the start of each term. Please refer to the Student halls handbook [PDF] for a list of charges.

Removing your fridge at the end of the year
If you leave behind your fridge when you leave the hall at the end of the year, you will incur a cost for removal.

Guest and visitor procedure

This procedure secures the wellbeing, safety and security of all residents and staff. Failure to follow it may result in disciplinary measures imposed by the warden. You are responsible for your guests and must ensure that they comply with the hall’s rules and regulations.

Day guests

Day guests are guests staying at any point between 8am and midnight. If they stay beyond midnight, they are classed as overnight guests (see overnight guest policy).

On arrival, day guests must be signed in at reception and signed out on departure. Failure to sign out a guest on departure will be treated as an unauthorised overnight stay.

A maximum number of two day guests are permitted at any one time. To host more than two day guests, eg for a birthday party, you must obtain permission from the warden at least two days in advance.

Overnight guests

You are permitted one overnight guest in your room at any one time and for a maximum of seven nights, subject to the approval of the warden.

You must ensure that you have fully completed and submitted an overnight guest form, which is available from reception.

If you live in a twin room, you must have your roommate’s consent on the application form.

Guest application form submission deadlines:

a) For guest stays of less than three nights, submit the form by 5pm on the day of the arrival. This application can be approved by the subwarden. It is the resident’s responsibility to check with reception whether the application has been approved. Approved applications must be collected from reception before the guest’s arrival. Guests must carry the approved form with them at all times to be able to show it when requested by staff.

b) For stays of three nights and over, submit the form at least one day before the arrival. This application must be approved by the warden. It is the resident’s responsibility to check with reception whether the application has been approved. Approved applications must be collected from reception before the guest’s arrival. Guests must carry the approved form with them at all times to be able to show it when requested by staff.


Limit to number of visits

Requests for overnight stays must not exceed a reasonable number per resident per year and are approved at the warden’s discretion. Overnight stays of seven nights are granted usually not more than once per academic year per resident, and are normally for visitors by a family member or partner living outside London.

Fire alarm testing and assembly point

The fire alarm system is tested every Wednesday around 11am. You will hear the alarm sound for about 30 seconds. Your are not required to evacuate the building during the test.
Should the alarm sound at any other time, or last more than 30 seconds, you must evacuate immediately.   Your fire evacuation instructions and assembly point are displayed on the notice in you room. 

Safety tips, security and insurance information

Security guards 
Our security guard is on site from 10pm until 8am the following day, seven days a week when the reception is closed. 

Theft prevention and safety tips
Keep your room door locked at all times to keep out unwanted intruders. Before you leave your room, also ensure that your windows are securely shut, and if your window lock is malfunctioning, report the fault as soon as you can.

  • Do not keep large amounts of cash in your room
  • Put high value items away when your room is unoccupied
  • Try to keep cash, credit cards, and cheque books in separate places
  • Back up your computer files regularly and keep memory sticks away from your computer  

If a theft has taken place
If anything has been stolen, contact the police to obtain a crime reference number. Do this within 24 hours for insurance purposes. Details about your insurance are available from reception, and on the home page for current residents. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a theft, try not to disturb your room as police may wish to check for fingerprints, etc 

Make sure that the front door closes behind you when you enter or leave the building. This helps keeping away unwanted intruders. Be especially watchful at night. 

Report intruders
If you suspect that anybody suspicious has entered the hall, please inform reception staff or the security guard.

Communal kitchen cleaning and use

Please wash up and put away all your utensils, crockery and cutlery and wipe down work surfaces after use. The cleaners do not wash you pans crockery. Any build up of dirty dishes, etc., will result in the floor being charged for the extra cleaning, if those responsible are not identified. Thereafter, unwashed dishes will be removed from the kitchens by the cleaners and can only be claimed from reception Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm.

Food theft

It should be safe to leave some of your food items in the kitchens for convenience sake. 
However if you are dealing with expensive cooking equipment then it's best to keep it in your room and bring it to the kitchen when you need it. Please do not take food that does not belong to you.

Fridge space

Fridge space is limited. Please remove any out of date food. Cleaners will check the fridges once a week and dispose of any out-of-date food to help prevent contamination of other food.

Kitchen fire safety

The kitchen doors are fire doors, and must not be propped open smoke will escape into the corridors and may trigger the detectors. Never leave cooking unattended, and note that the heat detectors in the kitchens are very sensitive. Serious and repeated misuse of kitchens in breach of hall regulations may result in their closure. Also see: Fire, safety and security.