Who's who at Butler's Wharf

Subwarden pastoral support

Gordon Li

Senior Subwarden, Gordon Li

Gordon heads the subwarden team and is responsible for the welfare and pastoral well-being of residents. He is ensuring that students have a positive experience during their time at Butler's Wharf Residence.

Contact details: g.c.li@lse.ac.uk
Please contact the duty subwarden in the first instance





A subwarden will be on duty at night (5pm to 8am) and during the weekends. They may be contacted in an emergency or a case of personal distress.

The duty subwarden should be your first point of call for any help or queries. He or she can be reached via the duty mobile.

Duty subwarden mobile number:  0781 597 9021

Subwarden, Elena Pupaza

Contact details:

Xiaolin Zhu

Subwarden, Xiaolin Zhu

Contact details:


Subwarden, Priyanka Roychoudhury

Contact details: residences.butlerswharf.subwardens@lse.ac.uk


Administration and facilities team

Szilvia Duba

Receptionist, Szilvia Duba

Silvia is in charge of the administration at Butler's Wharf Residence and also coordinates the reception team.

Contact details: s.duba@lse.ac.uk

Kevin Brett

IT support office, Kevin Brett

Support for all halls is provided by Kevin, our full time IT support officer. To contact him, speak to reception or call or email the IT Help Desk, who'll forward your query to him. He's visiting each hall twice a week. You can reach him via the IT helpdesk



Residence Assistant, Ms Morgan Curtis

Contact details: butlers.wharf@lse.ac.uk


Residence Assistant, Ms Melanie Marsollier

Contact details: butlers.wharf@lse.ac.uk


Jackie Woodley

Facilities Manager, Jackie Woodley

Jackie is responsible for overseeing facilities, cleaning services, security and the health and safety of Butler's Wharf and Bankside residents. 

Contact details: +44 (0)207 107 5795, j.s.woodley@lse.ac.uk


Maintenance Officer, Chas Tume
Chas deals with all maintenance issues in your flat. He is greatly involved with health and safety matters within the building.

Contact details: butlers.wharf@lse.ac.uk


Social activities at the hall - student social committee

The student hall committee is a body of residents elected by residents in order to represent them with the hall, the School and the Students' Union.

The committee is responsible for using your common room fee to provide events throughout the year, as well as to help improve hall facilities to better the student experience. Each committee member has their own area of responsibility, but they all work as a team to bring together a wealth of activities and experiences for all residents to benefit from. 

Make sure you keep an eye out for all events in the Butler’s Bulletin and on the Facebook page.

To contact your committee please email residences.butlerswharf.committee@lse.ac.uk. Or, you can contact a specific committee member using their personal email address below.

Committee members 2017-18

General email residences.bankside.committee@lse.ac.uk

Ugo Itanyi - President, email c.u.itanyi@lse.ac.uk

Zachary Wong - Secretary and Communications Officer, email z.w.wong@lse.ac.uk

Taiwo Aina - Treasurer, email t.a.aina@lse.ac.uk

Rania Ramli - Events Organiser, email r.ramli@lse.ac.uk

Jeremy Burey-Abraham - International Officer, email j.burey-abraham@lse.ac.uk

Christian Rubens - Environmental Officer, email c.a.rubens@lse.ac.uk


Who to contact?

For general information about living at the hall, paying fees etc, visit: Information for current hall residents

To report a maintenance fault, please use the online maintenance report form, or report it to reception.  

For queries about your accommodation fees, contact: residences.fees@lse.ac.uk

Select 'Wardens' for help with: pastoral care, discipline or to get authorisation for guests staying longer than three nights.

Select 'Services' for: day to day operations, catering, facilities or contract queries.

Select 'Social committee': to see who is organising the social events in your hall.