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House rules, facilities and arrangements at Butler's Wharf Residence

Fire alarm and alarm testing times

The fire alarm system will be tested at 2.30pm each Wednesday afternoon. At this time, you will hear a short sound of the alarm, and you are not required to evacuate the building during the test. If the alarm sounds for longer than a few seconds, you should treat it as a genuine alarm and evacuate the building.  

Additional fire safety information for Butler’s Wharf: 

Please do not obstruct the fire escape hallway door or the hallway escape route, as this can hinder your escape in case of fire, and know your fire escape route by walking through it.

Barbeques are not permitted in any part of the residence, which includes the balconies. Any barbeques found will be removed immediately.

Reception services and opening times

Reception is open from 8am to 5pm during the first two week of each term.

  • A fax and photocopier are available at reception during office hours.  Charges will apply for sending faxes.  Receiving faxes is free of charge.
  • The photocopier can be used with your library printer card.

Security guards staff reception 10pm and 8am, seven days a week. The security guard is based at reception, except when on patrol at certain times throughout the night.

Bicycle parking

The bicycle room in the basement is accessed via the ramp at the back of the building.

Bike parking spaces are limited and will be given on a first come first served basis. A key can be collected from the maintenance Monday to Friday between 9am-1pm.

When collecting a key you should also collect a chain with a numbered disc which should be attached around the base of the saddle.

For a list of key charges, refer to your Student Halls Handbook.

Please remember to take your bike with you when you leave the residence, as any bikes will be disposed of as unclaimed property.

Bicycles may not be brought into any other part of the residence, nor should they be chained to the railings outside. Any such bicycle will be removed without prior notice.

We strongly recommend that you insure your bike against theft and vandalism as the standard insurance policy does not provide cover against the theft or damage of bicycles left in these racks. Please contact your reception team for further details.


You will be provided with keys the open the main entrance door to your court, your flat door and your room door. 

Residents of courts one and four will also receive a core key for the flat lobby door. 

A post box key will also be provided.

Any loss or theft of any key must be reported to reception immediately

For a list or replacement key charges, refer to your Student Halls Handbook.


Your address is:

Butler's Wharf LSE Residence 
11 Gainsford Street
 London SE1 2NE

General mail 

General mail will be distributed to the pigeonholes in the common room. 

Oversize or registered mail 
Mail such as credit cards, cheque books, signed for items and large parcels will be held back at reception for security reasons. You will be invited to collect security retained items and parcels from the reception. Please bring your LSE ID card when collecting these items.  

No mail forwarding
Please note that we cannot keep or forward mail for you after you have left the residence. Any items that arrive after you have left will be returned to the sender.

Rubbish disposal and recycling

Refuse will be collected every morning, including weekends, from your flat. 


Items that cannot be recycled, but should be disposed of the normal refuse bins: 

  • Drink cartons (Tetra Pak) 
  • Plastic bags/cling film 
  • Food 
  • Broken glass 


  • Flat recycling bins: 
  • Paper/Cardboard/Card Cans/Tins/Empty 
  • Aerosols/Plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays 
  • Glass Bottles, jars (not broken items)

Other recycling

  • Clothes and textiles: Traid bank bin at the back of the building 
  • Batteries: ask at reception 
  • Electrical items:  ask at reception 
  • Unwanted reusable items: ask at reception 
  • Ink cartridges: ask at reception

End of year re-use scheme
At the end of the academic year, we run a re-use scheme in to common room. If you have any unwanted items such as electric goods, clothes, crockery please place them in the boxes provided.


You may store empty boxes or suitcases at your own risk in the basement void area in the during term time only.

Please clearly mark items with your name, room number and date of departure. Items can be store or taken out during during reception hours, please contact a member of the reception staff. 

  We cannot store your items after you have left the hall.

Basement computer room 

Situated in the basement, the Butler's Wharf computer room is equipped with PCs and a laser printer. The computers are connected to the LSE network. 

If you require IT assistance, or would like to report a fault with any of the IT equipment, please contact the IT advisor. You can also  arrange an appointment with the IT advisor by emailing: residences.butlerswharf.itsupport@lse.ac.uk.  

Smoking, eating or drinking is not permitted in the computer room.


Cleaning, flat inspections and cleaning service

Cleaning your room and the common areas of your flat is the joint responsibility of you and your flatmates.  

If you wish to have your communal areas cleaned by our cleaning staff, you can arrange this through reception. Once the work has been completed you will be invoiced for the service.

Cleaning service charges:

  • Whole flat (all communal areas) - £97.29
  • Kitchen (including lounge area) - £36.48
  • Shower or bathroom (individual price) - £12.16
  • W/C (1 or 2 – individual price) - £4.23
  • Hob - £9.99
  • Oven - £11.75
  • Fridge - £18.80
  • Microwave - £5.86

Flat inspections
We will inspect your flat monthly for cleanliness.

If your flat is found to be in an unacceptable state, we will contact you and your flatmates to give you the opportunity to clean the communal areas. A follow up inspection will take place 48 hours after we have contacted you. If the communal areas still have not been cleaned, we will ask our cleaning contractor to clean all communal areas. The cost of this will be invoiced to you and the other residents of your flat.

Parties in your flat

Wardens and subwardens need to be aware of parties for health and safety reasons and compliance with broader LSE regulations.


If a fire or other major accident occurs during an unofficial party (or an official party that does not satisfy the rules above), the common insurance policy will be invalidated, and the flat residents will face potentially unlimited legal liabilities. So please ask beforehand and make sure that your plans are okay.


What is a party?
Use your common sense. A gathering with substantially more than the flat occupants, loud music, and drink would clearly constitute a party. If in doubt, ask.


What to consider when planning a party

  • To hold a party, you must seek permission from the warden in writing at least one week in advance.
  • Flat parties may only be held on Friday or Saturday evenings during term time (and not during Summer Term, when exams are being held). 
  • Only one party per term may be held in the same flat. Security/safety arrangements will be discussed with the subwarden who is due to be on duty on the intended night of the party. 
  • Last minute requests will be refused. The party organisers must meet the cost of additional security personnel in advance. Failure to consult in advance will mean the termination of the party. 
  • The party organisers are responsible for ensuring that: - A maximum of 15 people are in the flat. - No cooking takes place during the party.   - Smoke and fire detectors are not tampered with. - Windows and balcony doors are closed after 11:00 pm. - The party ends by 11.00 pm. 

What happens if there's a breach of these conditions?
If the above conditions are not met by a party in your flat, then your party will be visited by the subwarden, warden and/or the security guard on duty.


They may ask your guests to leave, turn the music down, close windows and balcony doors, or even terminate the party on the spot. If your party requires such intervention, it will be unpleasant for you and your guests, and may also result in further disciplinary action. Unofficial parties (i.e., ones held without appropriate consultation in advance) will be terminated and disciplinary action will be taken against the organiser and/or flat occupants.


Parties causing excessive disturbance will be terminated. The proximity of neighbouring buildings in the Butler's Wharf area means that it is very easy to disturb people internal and external to the hall without intending to do so.


Disturbance can result in external neighbours calling Southwark Council and/or the police to intervene; past measures against the Hall have involved us being required to keep all windows and balcony doors closed for several months to prevent noise disturbance. It is important that the Hall does not incur this kind of reaction in future; if your party causes such a reaction, you can expect disciplinary action to be taken.

These rules are not designed to prevent people from holding parties, but rather to ensure that any parties that are held are a success, and do not require intervention or disciplinary responses.


Hallway broom cupboards

Please do not store any items in the hallway broom cupboard, as clear access is necessary for maintenance works.

If items are discovered in the cupboard, we will remove them and let you know that we’ve done so.

Emergency connecting doors between flats

Only open these in an emergency. If the glass seal is broken, an alarm in the warden's flat and in the office will sound, but not the main fire alarm.

If they are opened inappropriately, disciplinary measures will apply.

Do not obstruct these doors or the passageways leading to them.


  • Residents are personally responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their guests and for any damage caused by them (whether accompanied by the resident or not).

  • You must inform reception of any overnight guests. At Butler’s Wharf residents may have no more than one guest overnight and guests should not stay overnight without the presence of the resident.

  • You should also be considerate of and respect the wishes of your flatmates. No guest can stay for more than three nights in a two-week period without the prior consent of the warden and your flatmates.

Balconies and windows

  • Balconies must be used responsibly. 

  • Smoking, shouting, climbing on and throwing things from balconies will result in a fine, suspension of balcony access, and/or expulsion from the hall. 
  • Barbeques are not permitted.

  • Please also refrain from holding loud conversations or using your mobile on the balcony, hanging laundry on the balcony, and keep your balcony tidy, as your litter may end up on someone else's balcony.

  • If windows are left open and inverted (and it is raining) rooms can be flooded.

Security at Butler's Wharf

London is safer than many cities of the same size, but crimes do happen everywhere in London. This unfortunately includes the Butler's Wharf area. We have had some thefts and intruders in the past (through doors and windows!). Because of this, the hall has installed security cameras and employs overnight security guards.

We also recommend that you: 

  • Keep your flat and room doors locked at all times.
  • Keep your personal possessions secure. You will find that an insurance claim will fail if you have been negligent with basic precautions like locking your door or the flat door, or closing the window or balcony door.
  • Ground and 1st floor residents must take particular care that their windows are secure and the valuables are out of reach from the outside. Locks have been put on these windows - please ensure they are fully working.
  • Do not allow strangers to enter the building. If you are suspicious about someone who has tried to or succeeded in gaining access to the building, contact  reception, duty subwarden or security guard.
  • Be cautious in the Butler's Wharf area when coming back alone late at night. If you are suspicious of someone please alert security upon arrival at the hall.
  • Students in courts one and four will be provided with core keys for locks on the flat lobby doors. These doors must be treated as the main entrance to the flat with an emergency access lock. Never prop the core key door open or hold it open for a stranger.