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Who's who at Bankside House|



Who's who at Bankside House

A big welcome from everyone at Bankside House. Have a look below to see who is working at your hall. We're here to help you have an enjoyable, safe and successful time at LSE. 

Warden and subwarden pastoral support

The warden's team has a broad mandate and can assist student residents with a range of issues: from health concerns to financial matters and noisy neighbours.

Deborah Ogden

Warden, Debra Ogden
Debra is the warden at Bankside House and manages the team responsible for welfare and disciplinary matters.  

When not in 'warden mode', Debra can be found in the Social Policy Department at LSE where she is the deputy department manager. 

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7955 6169,|


Overnight and weekend duty subwarden cover
Every night of the year a subwarden is on duty between 6pm and 8am (weekdays) and 24 hours at the weekend.

To speak to the duty suwarden about any matter, contact reception by dialling '0' from any corridor phone or visit reception in person. After 11pm the duty subwarden should only be called in the event of an emergency or noise disturbance. For non-urgent issues you can also contact your floor subwarden for advice and assistance.

Floor subwardens
Your first point of contact for for general issues, guest requests, kitchen matters etc should be the subwarden on your floor. However, you can contact any member of the subwarden team for support or advice.

Senior subwarden, Neal Suleimanova - floor 7 

Contact details:|


Kanchana Ambagahawita

Subwarden,  Kanchana Ambagahawita - floor 6

Contact details:|



Senior subwarden, Maria Zhivitskaya - floor 5

Contact details:|



Subwarden, John Hemmings - floor 4

Contact details:|



Subwarden, Teresa Whitney - floor 3

Contact details:|



Subwarden, Kate Laffan - floor 2

Contact details:|



Subwarden, Ailbhe O’Loughlin - floor 1

Contact details:|



Subwarden, Rahul Sharma - ground floor

Contact details:|




Reception and administration

The reception team will be your first welcome to Bankside House. Reception is open from 8am to 8pm and our team will give you any relevant information about the hall or surrounding areas.

If we can't deal with your enquiry immediately, we will refer you to the relevant person who can answer your questions.

Contact details:  +44 (0)20 7107 5750,|

Fabio Valencia

Student services supervisor, Fabio Valencia

Fabio is our student services supervisor, his job is to make sure all your queries are answered.

His aim is to improve the service you receive so please contact him if you have any suggestions, comments or concerns.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5640,|


Reservations supervisor, Vanessa Kovalengou
Vanessa is the person to contact if you are planning a holiday in London during the summer, or if your parents are coming to stay during term time, we do have rooms available on the eighth floor which can be booked.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5646 / 5645,|


Chef manager Glenn Sparks, and his assistant Kabba Sesay oversee the kitchen at Bankside House and ensure that you are well fed and do not go hungry. Speak to them directly or send them an email should you have any suggestions or comments. New menu ideas are welcome - so please don’t be shy. Enjoy your meal!

Chef manager, Glenn Sparks
Contact details:  +44 (0)20 7107 5765,|

Assistant chef manager, Kabba Sesay
Contact details:|

Maintenance and housekeeping

Maintenance engineers, Darren Holmes and Danny Farrell
Darren is the maintenance engineer and Danny the maintenance assistant. Any maintenance problem you find in your room, from a lamp failure to a leak or a blocked shower, will be taken care of by Darren and Danny. The maintenance team works Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.
Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5769,|

Please report any maintenance issues by using the online maintenance report form|.

Patricia Velez

Ocean housekeeping supervisor, Patricia Velez

The housekeeping team work hard to make sure we all have a clean and pleasant place in which to work and live. Please help them by keeping your room and communal areas tidy. 

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5768,|



Front of house manager, Seema Adia

Seema oversees the everyday operation of the residence and its facilities during term-time as well as during the summer months (July to September),  when Bankside House operates as a B&B. She works to ensure students and visitors have a pleasant and safe stay. If you have any suggestions or complaints please do not hesitate to contact her.

Contact details:  +44 (0)20 7107 5754,|


Facilities manager, Jackie Woodley

Jackie is responsible for facilities and contracts at Bankside House and Butlers Wharf.

She handles all the health and safety issues including fire procedures.

Contact details: +44 (0)20 7107 5770,|


Service manager, Richard Anderson

Richard takes care of everyone who works here and strives to ensure that his team run a smooth and pleasant service for all residents.
Richard can usually be found working at Bankside House during office hours.

Contact details:  +44 (0)20 7107 5767,|



Working from 8pm to 8am, the security team are located at reception during the night. They will give you any help you need to make sure you live in a nice, quiet and secure place. It's a difficult job, so please work with security to ensure that the hall is kept safe and secure at all times.
Contact details:|

Social activities at the hall - student hall committee

  • The job of Bankside's student committee is, to put it into simple terms, to make it a cooler place. We hold things like quiz nights, pool competitions, film or casino nights, to name just a few. We run all the events, from huge boat parties to small picnics.
  • We're also in charge of some of the facilities (pool tables, music room, library etc), and in the past we've organised a football team. 
  • Clearly, we need money to do all this, which we get from the mysterious common room fee which you all pay along with your rent. With this money in hand, we aim to make your year at Bankside as enjoyable as possible.

Committee members 2014-15


President, Liam Young

The president of the committee chairs the committee meetings and is responsible for the overall running of the committee. The president also represents the residents of the hall with the hall administration, the LSESU and the Residences User Group.

Contact details:|

Olli Castren

Secretary, Olli Castren

The secretary has the glamorous task of being responsible for the administration of the committee. This includes tasks such as minute taking and communicating with the residents of the hall

Contact details:|


Treasurer, Teddy Lee

Writing cheques, keeping accounts, maintaining the bank account and approving purchases are the main responsibilities of the treasurer.

Contact details:|


Events and logistics, Oli Strong

Social activities are a focus of the committee's activities. The event manager is responsible for planning, organising and publicising events with the help of the other committee colleagues.

Contact details:|

Nils Hansen

International officer, Nils Hansen

The international officer has the interests of residents from other countries at heart - and helps to promote a truly international feel in the hall.

Contact details:|


General Course officer, Ryan Benoit Spiess

Contact details:|


Postgrad officer, Dominik Kirchdorfer

Contact details:|











Not sure who to contact?

For general information about living at the hall, eg insurance or paying your accommodation fees, visit: Information for current hall residents|

To report a maintenance fault, complete the maintenance report form|.

For queries about your fees, contact:|

Select 'Warden' for help with: pastoral care, discipline or to get authorisation for guests staying longer than three nights.

Select 'Services' for: day to day operations, catering, facilities or contract queries.

Select 'Student committee': to see who is organising the social events in your hall.