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House rules, facilities and arrangements at Bankside House

Keys and security

You will be supplied with a room key on arrival. This opens your room only.

After reception has programmed your LSE ID card, you can use this to access the revolving main entrance doors.

Collect your LSE ID from the library on campus and visit reception within the first seven days of arrival to get your card set up.

Room doors are not self-locking, so remember to lock up when you leave your room even for a brief time. Do not give/lend  your key to anybody else. Basic precautions like this help to avoid thefts. You will be held accountable for any problems caused by leaving your door unlocked or passing on your key.


Do not assist unknown persons from entering the residence. Anybody without their own entry card should be referred to reception.

Always enter or leave the residence via the front door, except in an emergency. Other doors are alarmed and security cameras are in use around the building.


Reception does not have the facility to look after keys either during term time or during the Christmas and Easter vacations, so please take them with you when you leave.

Insurance cover of shared corridors

You have basic cover under a general contents insurance policy, as detailed in your handbook and online. Residents in single rooms with a shared corridor and bathroom should be aware that their belongings are only insured in their own rooms. Insurance cover is void if rooms were left  unlocked.

Luggage storage

You may leave all luggage and belongings in your room over the Christmas and Easter vacations unless access is required for redecoration in which case full notice will be given and an alternative room arranged.

No luggage can be accepted in advance of your arrival in autumn.

There are no extra facilities for the storage of luggage in the residence during term time or vacations, and no luggage can be stored within the residence over the summer

All personal belongings must be removed from the residence when a room is finally vacated.


Guest policy

The guest policy helps to ensure that Bankside remains a safe and enjoyable place to live for all residents. Failure to follow may result in disciplinary action.

All guests must be signed in and out using the guest book at reception. Guests may be asked to provide ID when signing in. A guest will not be allowed to enter the building unless their resident host is there to sign them in. Never sign in a stranger or a guest on behalf of another resident.

You are responsible for the conduct of your guests at all times and guests who do not observe the LSE Residences Regulations or Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the building.

Rules for all guests:

  • Sign your guests in and out at reception.
  • Accompany your guest(s) at all times.
  • You are responsible for the conduct of your guest(s) at all times.
  • Meal vouchers can be purchased in advance at reception, if your guest would like to join you for a meal in the restaurant.

Day guests:

  • Day guests are only permitted until 11.00pm on the given night.
  • You are permitted to host up to two day guests at any one time.

Overnight guests for up to three nights:

  • At Bankside House, overnight guests are not permitted until the second Monday of Michaelmas term (28 September 2015). This is to facilitate a smooth moving-in process for all residents at the hall. The extra bed service will also commence as of then. For more details please contact reception.
  • Residents in single rooms are permitted one overnight guest for up to three nights without prior permission.
  • Residents in twin rooms are permitted one overnight guest per resident for up to three nights without prior permission. Consent of the sharer must be sought in advance of the guest’s arrival.
  • You can request a guest bed and bedding at reception at the cost of £5 per night. The request should be made at least one working day in advance of the arrival of your guest.

Overnight guests for more than three nights:

  • If you would like request permission for a guest to stay for more than three nights, you should contact your floor subwarden by email for permission in the first instance. The email should include your room number, the name of your guest and the purpose of their visit.
  • Permission for extended guest visits are granted at the discretion of the warden and residents can refer to the Residences Regulations, Code of Conduct and Student Halls Handbook for more information about guests.

Smoking and pets

Keeping pets is not permitted within the residence. No dogs, except guide dogs, are permitted to enter the building.


Smoking fines

Bankside House is a non-smoking residence. A £50 fine will be handed to anyone found smoking in the building.

Cleaning and room inspections

Public areas within the hall are cleaned daily. Bedrooms or bathrooms are not cleaned. It is your responsibility to keep your room and bathroom clean. A cleaning service can be booked, for rates and information please contact reception.

Please clean up straight away after using communal facilities, particularly kitchens. Any unwashed cooking pans, crockery and cutlery which were left for longer than three days, may be removed from the kitchenettes by members of the housekeeping team.


Room inspections
Rooms will be inspected regularly throughout the academic session, at least once in each term.

When a room is vacated at the end of the academic year the resident must leave it in the clean condition in which he / she took it on. If not, then charges will be made for professional cleaning, redecoration or replacement.





Posters and notice boards

  • Posters may not be displayed in public areas within the residence unless they have been approved by the wardens / management and display the appropriate stamp mark.
    All notices and posters must be dated and stamped by reception otherwise they will be removed.
  • A large notice board is situated in reception and on each floor outside the subwarden's room. It is not permitted to put up notices in the residence outside these designated areas and all such notices will be removed immediately.
  • Notices advertising an event will be removed after the event and dated notices will be removed two weeks after that date.
    Notices which must remain in place for more than two weeks should bear the words 'Not to be removed before [date]'.

Lost property

If you find any lost property, please hand it in at reception. We keep lost property for a period of three months, after which they will be disposed of or given to charity.

After departure, Items left behind in rooms that are either perishable or have little or no intrinsic value will be disposed of. All other items will be stored with Housekeeping. These items will be kept for a period of three months, after which they will be disposed of or given to charity. The residence is not insured for the welfare of lost property.


Fire alarm testing time and assembly point

The fire alarm system is tested every Wednesday around 1.30pm. 

At this time, you will hear the alarm sound for up to two minutes. You are not required to evacuate the building during the test.

Should the alarm sound at any other time, or last more than two minutes, you must evacuate immediately.

Please have a look at the fire evacuation instructions that are displayed in your room and make sure that you know the route to your fire assembly point.


Personal mattresses and furnishings

If you bring your own mattresses or furnishings, you must make sure that they comply with the fire regulations in place at the hall.

To avoid over-furnishing the room, any mattresses or additional furniture provided by the hall will be removed upon taking delivery of own furnishings.


Mail and other deliveries

Your Postal address at Bankside House

Your full name and room number
LSE Bankside House

24 Sumner Street

London, SE1 9JA

General mail

There is one mailbox for each letter of the alphabet located in the inner foyer. We will sort your mail according to the first letter of your surname. If your surname may not be clearly identifiable on any correspondence, please inform reception.

Registered mail, parcels and other deliveries

Registered letters, recorded delivery letters, parcels and chequebooks are retained at the reception desk until collected by the addressees. Any other deliveries will be held at reception for collection, as delivery personnel will not be admitted beyond reception. Check the printed form opposite the mailboxes to see whether anything has been delivered for you.

Bank and credit cards

Residents are most strongly advised to request their banks and credit card companies respectively not to send cheque books and cheque guarantee cards nor credit cards to the residence other than through recorded delivery. Instead they should be sent to, and collected from, banks. The residence management cannot accept any responsibility for the theft of cards before they reach the addressee

Mail that arrives before you are here and after you leave

Please note that if any mail arrives for you before the official check in weekend we will not be able to store this until your arrival.

Once  you depart Bankside House, we will no longer be able to accept items of mail for you. Any mail that we receive for you after your departure date will be returned to its sender. We will not be able to forward your mail to a new address or keep it here for collection.


Bedroom window opening

On the advice of the LSE's health and safety officer, windows in bedrooms may only be opened vertically so that a gap is left at the top of the window.



The reception is open every day from 8am to 8pm during term time.

Photocopying facilities are available in the lobby, fax facilities outwards are available whilst reception is open.


Outside reception opening hours, night security is available throughout the year.




The restaurant is located on the ground floor and seats more than 300 diners.

Self - service meal times

Dinner: Sunday to Friday 5.30pm to 8.30pm

Brunch: Saturday 10.30am to 1.30pm

Opening times are subject to change.

What is available for dinner?


  • A meat, fish or vegetarian main dish, with kosher and halal options
  • Two items from the vegetable, potato, rice or salad bar
  • Bread
  • A dessert from the daily specials, yoghurt or fresh fruit
  • Tea, coffee or a soft drink

What is available for brunch?

On offer are a minimum of twelve hot and cold traditional and continental breakfast/brunch items including fresh pastries.

Choose any six items from the hot/cold selection plus an unlimited amount of tea, coffee, fruit juice and toast. Some special items may count as more than one item.

Where can I see the menu?

Menus are displayed on the restaurant notice board.


Meals for guests

If you would like a guest to join you for a meal in the restaurant you must purchase a meal voucher. Vouchers are available from reception, and must be purchased on the day you are eating before the reception till closes at 7.45pm. Your meal entitlement is not transferrable to your guest.


Meals during the vacations

Please note that during the vacation period you are not entitled to inclusive meals, and if the restaurant is open you will have to pay. Please ask a member of staff for more information.

Clearing up after meals

Please place cutlery and crockery onto your tray and into the provided racks. You should leave the Restaurant not later than 30 minutes after serving stops. Please clear up any spilled drinks or dropped food, canteen staff will provide you with a brush or cloth.


Take away

You can take out restaurant food in the plastic containers available in the restaurant. Please return any trays, plates and cutlery to the dining room. If cutlery, crockery or items of furniture are removed and not returned to the restaurant, the cost for replacement will be charged to all residents.

Public access to the restaurant

The restaurant is open to members of the general public at certain times. This is a condition of the planning permission required by Southwark Borough Council. 

Wireless in the restaurant

The restaurant is fitted with wireless internet connection, for more details visit the following web page: Using your own computer and mobile device


Comments and complaints

Any complaints about individual items of food should be made immediately to the restaurant duty chef: this is by far the most effective way of dealing with any particular grievance you may have.




Bar, basement lounge and leisure rooms



The residence runs the basement bar with the support of the warden and the student committee. It is open to all members of the school, subject to numbers and the wishes of the warden and the residence committee.

The bar licence is held by the general manager and the director of residential and catering services. Extensions of the licensing hours up to midnight may be available on request. It is a contravention of the licence to consume alcohol in the bar area that has been purchased elsewhere.

Bar opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 7pm -11pm

Sunday: 7pm - 10.30pm

Opening times are subject to change.

All drinks must be finished within 20 minutes of the bar closing.

The bar is locked during the night.


Basement lounge and leisure rooms

Bankside House has a lounge in addition to the TV area in the bar. The lounge is located on the basement level. There is also a games room. Facilities are open 24/7 although that may be subject to change.



Computer room

The computer room is located near the staircase/lifts in the basement area and offers a range of on-line facilities including email and network access. It is open 24 hours a day.

Smoking or the consumption of food and drink is not permitted in the computer room.

Any technical issues should be reported to:residences.bankside.itsupport@lse.ac.uk


Laundry room

Washing machines and tumble dryers are situated in the basement laundry room. Please follow the instructions on display.

Bankside House is not responsible for any loss, damages or refunds. Please contact Circuit Laundry on 0800 092 9468 to report any problems.



Bicycle and car parking

Storage racks for up to 30 bicycles are available in front of the building. We strongly recommend that you insure your bike against theft and vandalism as the standard insurance policy does not provide cover against the theft or damage of bicycles left in these racks. Please contact your reception team for further details. Users of the hall car park/bicycle stand do so at their own risk. The management will not accept liability for any accidents damage or loss incurred. 


• may not be left at random in the grounds of the residence.

• must not be brought into the main residence building at any time.

• must be removed when residents vacate the residence at the end of the academic year.


Any bicycles

• left behind will be removed and disposed of without notice.

• belonging to visitors must also be left in the racks in the front of the residence.

Car parking

Bankside House offers parking bays for twenty cars/motorbikes. The cost of a bay is £10.00 per 12 hour period, either during the day (8am - 8pm) or during the night (8pm - 8am).

Visitors must register their vehicle at the reception desk. Failure to do so could result in your car being clamped, with a release charge of £50.00.

Please note that we do not offer a discounted rate for visitor parking. The minimum charge is a daily rate of £10.00, which is non-transferable.

When residents are delivering or collecting possessions, an allocated spot of 30mins will be available for free parking. Short-term car parking is available in the residence's inner forecourt and off-street parking.


Prohibited areas and areas open to the general public


Prohibited areas

Residents are prohibited from entering any areas of the residence marked 'Staff Only' or 'Private'. Prohibited areas may be designated at any time by the residence manager or by the warden.

Areas open to the general public

The residence offers meeting/conference spaces and the restaurant to members of the general public throughout the year. The income from these activities and the summer hotel lettings, helps to support the residence. You are politely requested to make the public welcome at these times.


Events and private parties


A number of events are usually held in each term which are organised by the hall committee. In the case of the larger events admission is by ticket only and the events are usually organised in and around the Bar area. Private parties may not be held anywhere else in the residence.


Vending machines


Vending machines can be found around the building in the reception area, restaurant and basement study room. Various companies operate them and Bankside House staff does not have access. Any problems or loss of money should be reported to the company responsible. A support telephone number can be found on each machine.