Leaving early or swapping rooms

This page tells you what you need to do if

1 - you want to move out of your room early
2 - you would like to swap with another student

We hope that you are enjoying your time in halls and that you will stay in your room until the end of your contract. We know that sometimes circumstances can change, and that some students would like to swap rooms or move out completely.

1 - Leaving your room before the end of your contract

Who can use this form and when is it available?

Only students in LSE halls can use the online early leaver form. If you are a resident with urbanest or Sanctuary Students, please ask at your hall reception for the process you should follow to leave your room early.

The early leaver form is only available on this page from your first term until towards the end of each academic year. This is because towards the end of term three, the time left until the end of your contract is too short to find a new resident. That means that, forms submitted after the deadlines below will not be accepted.

What are the deadlines for submitting the early leaver form? 

  • Students on 31, 38 and 40 week contracts: 21 April
  • Student on 50 weeks contracts: 3 May 

Access the online early leaver form 

Submit an early leaver form 

  • 1.Your personal details
  • Name
  • 2. Your current hall and room
  • 3. Confirm your departure date and details
  • 4. Why are you leaving the accommodation?
    The reasons you give us will not affect the chances or speed at which we will be able to find a replacement. We only collect this information to monitor the service we provide.
  • Please choose one or more of the following
  • By submitting this form, I authorise the RSO to re-sell my room for occupation from the specified date onwards. I understand that in the event that I change my mind after submitting this form, there is no guarantee that my room or any other LSE accommodation will be available.

What happens after you submit an early leaver form? 

  • Giving notice - Early leaver forms will be received by the Residential Services Office who will let your residence know that you have told us that you want to move out. 
  • Finding a replacement - We will start the process of finding a replacement straight away, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a new resident to take over your contract, especially when the waiting list for places in residences is short. 
  • Charge - A £75 admin charge applies.
  • Your liability for fees - By signing your Licence Agreement you have agreed to being responsible for the rent until a new resident has moved into your room. This may take several weeks or even months. We will try to find a new resident as soon as possible. 
  • Access - By completing the form, you agree that we can enter your room to show it to prospective tenants. They will always be accompanied by a member of staff, if you're not in your room.
  • Damages -  Your room will be checked after you leave. Missing items, damages, rubbish removal, poor cleaning etc will be charged to you according to the terms of your Licence Agreement.
  • Deposit - Your deposit - minus the admin charge and any charges for damages etc if applicable- will be returned to you after all checks have been completed. This will take around 28 days after a replacement has moved in.
  • Departure - You have to return all keys by 10am on the day that you leave. If you choose to remain in your room until a replacement has been found, you need to be very flexible and have to be able to leave at very short notice, often only 24 hours. Please talk to your reception team beforehand, to make sure that you follow the correct check-out procedure on the day that you move out. 
  • Mail - Any mail that arrives for you will be 'returned to sender' after you've left, so please make sure you're changing your address with your bank etc.
  • Help - If you are unsure about anything, or your circumstances change again, after submitting the form, contact us as soon as possible (see How to contact us box on the left). 
  • For the full terms and condition, see: Early leaver form information [PDF]. A copy will be emailed to you after submitting the form. 

2 - Swapping between rooms or halls

Room and hall swaps are possible but you need to find somebody to exchange room with, get authorisation and complete the necessary paperwork before you swap.

Swaps are not permitted during the first two weeks of the Michaelmas Term, and are only available until 22 April  for each current academic year. 

  • Charges - A £50 admin charge applies to each student involved in the swap. 
  • Signatures -  You must obtain the required signatures and return a copy of the completed form to the Residential Services Office (see "How to contact us" on the left).
  • Deposit - Your deposit will be transferred with you to the new room or residence (unless you move to a non-LSE residence, in which case it will be returned normally within 28 days from moving out).
  • Paperwork - Ensure that a new Licence Agreement is made out and any other paperwork is completed eg room inventory or next of kin form.

Download the Accommodation swap form [PDF]