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Traffic control

The outline of the New Students' Centre site is shown in red on plan 1 [PDF]|. The blue line represents a 2.4m high plywood hoarding which will separate the construction site from the rest of the campus. As you can see from the plan the hoarding is positioned along the pavement line adjacent to the Island Site so that Sheffield Street pedestrian access can be maintained throughout the project. The hoarding closes onto the Sheffield Street elevation of Parish Hall closing off the pavement in this area. It is still possible to walk from Lincolns Inn Fields to St Clements Lane via Sheffield Street. If you wish to avoid walking past the construction site then walking around the Island Site is an alternative route. St Clements Lane will remain open for both vehicle and pedestrian use. Foot traffic onto the NSC construction site is adjacent to the Peacock Theatre and all vehicle access and egress to the site is via Portugal Street. Vehicles coming and leaving the site are for deliveries in or waste out only. The loading of vehicles coming into and out of the site is undertaken within the site hoarding on Sheffield Street. Access onto and off the site will be closely monitored by Osborne's dedicated staff - see Site plan| (PDF). Also see Traffic Management Plan| (PDF) for further details.