Vertical circulation

Vertical circulation


Vertical circulation includes:


7 stairs (including 3 escape stairs) will service the various floor levels of the buildings as follows

  • Stairs 01 and 02 are escape stairs and will serve all floor levels. Both will be provided with secure exit doors at ground floor to prevent unauthorised entry but may be used internally as a 'short-cut' between floors by staff or students instead of using the main circulation stairs.
  • Stair 03 – the Main circulation stair – will start on the first floor (Social space) and will serve the second, third, fourth and fifth floors. This stair also includes formal seating. The sixth floor is served by a spiral stair which completes the main vertical circulation path through the building.
  • Stair 05 is back-of-house to the pub bar.
  • Stair 06 is an escape stair and will serve the basement, basement mezzanine, ground floor and first floor.
  • Stair 07 is a large spiral stair that will link the ground floor to the basement mezzanine and basement.

Vertical circulation provides:

  •  Visual connection between floors
  •  Lively interludes in the floor plan
  •  Relaxation and study spaces on wide landing and deep steps
  •  Pivotal connections between programmes.

The LSE Student Centre will have 3 public lifts servicing all floor levels.

  •  Lift 01 will serve all floor levels except level 06.
  • Lifts 02 and 03 are located in the central core of the building and will service all floor levels.

Lift 01 is a fire-fighting lift from floors 00 – 06 and will be used to evacuate people in case of emergency from all floors – 02 – 06. Sizes of lift cars and door opening will be in accordance with requirements. A platform lift provides level access to the events space stage, as well as the green room and the unisex combined accessible shower and WC.

A platform lift will provide back-of-house step-free access to the stage.