Third floor


This floor features:

  • Students' Union offices
  • Circulation
  • Residences' accommodation and sales office
  • SU Advice and Representation Centre

The functional divide continues on this floor, the divisions shifting slightly with the geometry giving this plan with a distinct identity within the common materiality of the whole.

Students' Union offices:
Lodged on the third floor, the SU occupies a central position in the overall built assembly. Functionally located in the middle of the stacked volume, above the prayer centre and below the gym. Its position at the centre of the section allows the Students' Union to be the operational hub of the building.

The functional layout of the SU locates the workstations close to the façade for ventilation and daylight purposes. As some of the union facilities are shared with the residences department, the common facilities (copy, print, store and sanitary) are directly accessible from the communal waiting areas. This functional service block, while providing some privacy to the Students' Union, also allows direct access to the shared large meeting room and permits glimpses through to the activity taking place within the facility. The meeting room on the north west corner, its location providing daylight from two sides, has a flexible size determined by a set of folding doors.

The circulation on this floor is programmed with a reception area, shared between the SU and the residences office. A tall screen with informal workstations on one side provides a private seating area behind. This couch facing out eastwards over the entrance canopy and down St. Clements Lane, provides a quiet refuge complete with floor to ceiling windows from which to enjoy the view over your new home town, fill out a form or chat with a friend. 

Residences Office:
The mutual requirements of the SU and the Residences office permit both the advantage of the other as they share this floor. communial facilities discussed above will ensure a good working relationship is established between these two distinct entities.

Advice and Representation Centre:
The private consultation rooms required for advice are positioned on the western façade adjacent, but not connected to, the main circulation stairs. A bridged void allows these rooms some privacy while the visual connection provided to the busy stair animates these small offices. The remainder of the workstations required are generously sited along the glazed eastern façade.