Sixth floor


This floor includes:

  • Students' Union meeting space
  • Circulation/coffee and juice bar
  • Exercise studio

Again the rights of light requirements impact this floor plan and as characteristic of a top floor the ceiling plan also. The concrete ceiling above cants and falls, creating distinct spaces of varying heights, functionally programmed to take best advantage of their roof top position.

Students' Union meeting space:
Perched on the top floor overlooking the roof garden and Portsmouth Street below, this is one of the most unique spaces in the building. Its functional layout permits direct access to the roof garden and also to the coffee and juice bar.

Separated from the Students' Union offices on the third floor, the meeting space is positioned to take best advantage of its roof top situation, open-able to large spaces both interior and exterior into which its activities can spill and re-programme.

Circulation/coffee and juice bar:
This floor is not travelled through, it is arrived at. This fact permits the circulation space to be used in an active way, here programmed by the coffee and juice bar. The main circulation lift shaft finishes here, the circular stair pops up through this floor, now vertical circulation is complete users are free to enjoy the views the floor affords.

The coffee and juice bar is strategically positioned to lure use from the lower floors. Opening to the roof garden, acting as a potential serving area for summer time drinks, the space is light filled and generous. A continuous south facing bench runs the length of the tree filled garden, where one can take a coffee or the sun, or both.

Exercise studio:
Expected functions of this room will be active, noisy and energetic. The room is therefore located far from street level and the other noise sensitive programmes of the brief. The sloping ceiling is acoustically rated throughout, a floating floor employed to insure against impact noise transfer with heavy wool drapes providing the necessary absorption. Due to its strategic location and the measures taken in relation to finishes a lobby free entrance is permitted. This allows the entire sixth floor to be opened out and used as one large room. This means greater flexibility for functions or parties. The functional layout of the space provides cross ventilation and a large floor area free of structural interruption. Space and seating seas are also included.