Second floor


The second floor contains:

  • Multi faith centre
  • Circulation
  • Media centre

This floor is again functionally divided into three key sections: the geometry of the floor plan, while similar to the floor below, allows each programme a distinct identity, taking advantage of the pinch points to allocate and determine function.

Multi faith centre:
Located on the second floor, the multi faith centre is at a certain remove from the bustling activities of the café and ground floor programmes. The brick clad chapel stands at the entrance to the prayer centre, offering it a further privacy from the circulation stair and the media centre.

The functional layout of the interfaith prayer centre is dictated primarily by the communal social space shared between all the prayer centre users. This space links the plan to the northern façade, which filters light in through its perforated brick screen. It is open and homely, with requisite couches and bookshelves, a tea point and a notice board. From this communal space the multi faith and Islamic areas are accessed, the Islamic rooms angled to face Mecca to the south eastern edge, the other faces the west. The multi faith room has an operable acoustically rated wall, folding back to extend the potential of the social space, or vice versa.

The brief calls for a place apart, a place light filled and a place without disturbance. The resulting rooms, acoustically separated from the main noise producing spaces, are separate but connected. Its functional requirements realised, the materials used and the sense of openness provided, make sure it forms a coherent portion of the whole. 

The sweep of the main circulation stairs takes a different approach when landing at and departing from this floor. It no longer navigates around the lift, but will occupies a neat sliver at the back of the plan. Strategically this opens up the area in front of the lifts for more sedentary occupation, giving this floor a quieter atmosphere from the ground floor.

Media centre:
The Clare Market review overlooks Clare market as was to be expected. Beaver, PuLSE radio and LooSE TV also occupy the centre, functionally sharing and reporting the news in various media. The two radio booths and editing suite, sound insulated, separate the media centre from the common areas, providing a sound buffer and a secure barrier behind which the expensive equipment and sensitive material can be recorded, stored, broadcast and published.